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Drama Takes Me to School

The past few days, Drama has been asking for “school”. I know she only wants some of the attention the actual students get, so I have been reading a book to her sometime during our school day. Her choice has been The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher. It is not enough that I read the book, though. She knows Jeremy is a frog, and is displeased that the word frog does not appear regularly throughout the book. Each time I read his name, she says, “say frog.” There fore, our reading sounds like this:

Mr. Jeremy Fisher the Frog…… Jeremy the Frog…..Mr. Jeremy the Frog….

Hmm, maybe you have to be here, but trust me, it’s incredibly funny.

Knitting Help

Just so you don’t have to read about my obsession with H****, today, I thought I’d post about a great knitting website instead. Anytime you need, Knitting Help, there it is. They have videos for both continental and English knitters, and also forums. I’d book mark this one, because if a picture is worth a thousand words, videos are truly priceless.


I want to tell you about a nifty new search engine that I will be using much sooner than I wish to. See, we need a new freezer. And as much as I would like to blow it off during this year that has already seen a new hot water heater, dishwasher AND clothes washer, I’m afraid that it’s just not possible to feed a family this size without a full size freezer. The bottom shelf on mine no longer keeps food frozen, and my oh my, how I love the smell of spoiled broccoli. Yummmm! Not.

Krillion is a new search engine that allows you to look for major appliances that are actually in stock at stores in your area. Say you are interested in Whirlpool Ovens (ha, I’m not picking freezers because I am really not ready to know yet, ykwim??). If you click that link, and then enter your zip, you’ll find local stores that have it in stock and the selling price. No more having to search every store you can think of by phone or website, or worse yet, by car.

Please do not leave a comment with freezer prices. I do not want to know. Yet.

Ohhhhhhhhhh, Hocks!

Ya’ll are so going to get tired of this blanket, but! It’s awesomeness. I’ve got 4 large squares in, and the fourth is in progress. The great thing about the larger blocks is that I really feel like I have made some progress when each one I done. And, i guess I have, since each one takes about 80 minutes, LOL!

I’ll weave in the ends on Saturday, I think, and I’ll put up a picture on Sunday. And then I will try not to talk about it ev-er-y-day. But I’m not promising anything.

Dulaan Needs Help

I got a letter in the mail from the Dulaan Project the other day, and they need some help. Each item costs about 60 cents to get it to the recipients. Knitters have been incredibly generous with their wool, time and talents, and F.I.R.E. needs to raise $15,000 by July 15th to ship the goods they have collected. Deductions are tax deductible, and somewhere, children are cold. Please visit F.I.R.E. to find out more, and make a donation.

Free Stuff

I came from a long line of stingy thrifty women. It’s even been said that my Grandmother could squeeze a dollar until the eagle screamed. Now, while I am not quite as frugal as all that, I do like a good bargain, and I particularly like free stuff, especially when I get to pick and choose my goodies, and not just take what someone wants to give me, LOL. Yeah, I’m cheap frugal AND picky.

Now most sites that I’ve seen lately that promise free stuff are actually lying. You have to try this or try that, refer friends, earn points, etc, etc, ad nauseum. But That Freebie Site is actually really full of stuff that’s free. They have books. They have health and beauty stuff. They have an amazing array of stuff you can have just for asking and providing a mailing address.

The list of categories is on the left hand sidebar, and it’s way longer than I want to list here, and they are adding new free stuff all the time, pages and pages of it. Go check it out for your self, and let me know what goodies you picked.


the vine store 1925 17202722I very rarely drink alcohol at all. It just doesn’t appeal to me that much. But occasionally, I do enjoy wine. In fact, I asked dh to bring me some just the other day when he was going to the store. He forgot, LOL! That’s how often I ask for it. You can see then, that we have very little use for a wine rack in this house, except perhaps to store liter bottles of soda.

Nonetheless, when I was given an opportunity to post about these wine racks, I decided to take it because they are so pretty. Seriously, look at that wine rack! It looks like a sculpture, not a storage device. Now, they have more traditional racks, of course, plainer and less expensive, but this one is my favorite. Somehow, I just cant see putting soda in that, though. Can you? No, that one would require spendy bottles of wine with impeccable pedigrees on the labels. Not pedigrees, but the other word like it, but for wine. The one that I would be able to think of if I drank wine more than once per year.

This WAHM Rocks

Have any of you crafters seen Hazel and Melvin’s Room? I was there the other day, and they have the cutest stuff! And this is no mass merchandiser, folks. The owner is a WAHM. I used to be a baby-product making WAHM as some of you will no doubt remember, so I know the amount of work that goes into this type of stuff, and the care and craftsmanship involved are staggering.

Rebecca has designed some cool products that combine “cute” and “function”, and every product on the site is a winner from the handmade diaper bags to the crib bedding sets. She even has sock monkeys! Another thing I like about the site is that she has a gift registry. I think my favorite product is the boppy covers. My boppy gets used a lot, and so it gets dirty a lot. That’s not a hint, exactly, but, you know. *wink*

Seriously, she has some really cool stuff, and if you need baby goods, I can’t give you a better recommendation than a WAHM. After all, they are home so they can be with their children, because they know children are important.

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