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Free Stuff

I came from a long line of stingy thrifty women. It’s even been said that my Grandmother could squeeze a dollar until the eagle screamed. Now, while I am not quite as frugal as all that, I do like a good bargain, and I particularly like free stuff, especially when I get to pick and choose my goodies, and not just take what someone wants to give me, LOL. Yeah, I’m cheap frugal AND picky.

Now most sites that I’ve seen lately that promise free stuff are actually lying. You have to try this or try that, refer friends, earn points, etc, etc, ad nauseum. But That Freebie Site is actually really full of stuff that’s free. They have books. They have health and beauty stuff. They have an amazing array of stuff you can have just for asking and providing a mailing address.

The list of categories is on the left hand sidebar, and it’s way longer than I want to list here, and they are adding new free stuff all the time, pages and pages of it. Go check it out for your self, and let me know what goodies you picked.

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