sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


I have been wanting some new perfume. Well, it’s an old perfume, I suppose, LOL. TheClone’s friend had some when she was here year before last, and I’ve been keeping it in the back of my mind, because it smelled so good! All I could remember was that it was in a purple bottle and had a well known label. So, I’ve been checking out purple perfume & cologne bottles on the sly for quite a while now.

I finally visited Eau de Click today, and I searched for Passion. Nope, wrong bottle. I looked at Obsession. Nope, wrong color and wrong bottle. I gave the alphabetical menu on the site quite a workout. It was very easy to check out my guesses, and I didn’t have to back click over and over, since it’s right there in the sidebar on every page.

Finally, I asked Country what the mystery perfume was, and it’s Poison. Christian Dior, not Liz Taylor. I gasped at the price tag, but, man, do I want some of that stuff! Hehe, champagne tastes, that’s me. They have lots of fragrances I enjoy there including the Diamonds and Sapphires I wore as my signature for so long. Hmm, comparing the prices, it may be time to forget the Poison, and go back to the D&S.

Or maybe I’ll just be really really good until Christmas.

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