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I want to tell you about a nifty new search engine that I will be using much sooner than I wish to. See, we need a new freezer. And as much as I would like to blow it off during this year that has already seen a new hot water heater, dishwasher AND clothes washer, I’m afraid that it’s just not possible to feed a family this size without a full size freezer. The bottom shelf on mine no longer keeps food frozen, and my oh my, how I love the smell of spoiled broccoli. Yummmm! Not.

Krillion is a new search engine that allows you to look for major appliances that are actually in stock at stores in your area. Say you are interested in Whirlpool Ovens (ha, I’m not picking freezers because I am really not ready to know yet, ykwim??). If you click that link, and then enter your zip, you’ll find local stores that have it in stock and the selling price. No more having to search every store you can think of by phone or website, or worse yet, by car.

Please do not leave a comment with freezer prices. I do not want to know. Yet.

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