sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

umm, hello?

Now, I understand that ya’ll hate to make me look stupid and all. But, really, I called my sweater Sonata about 4 times, and no one said anything. [tag]Sonata[/tag] is a YARN, people. The name of the sweater is [tag]SONNET[/tag]. I’ve gone back and corrected myself, but boy, is my face red. I’ve been blogging about needing a vacation, but really, when I can’t even remember the name of a sweater….. it’s time to Google vacation home Orlando, doncha think? Of course, maybe ya’ll thought I meant I was knitting with Sonata, since I do have some in the stash.

Regardless, I did knit on it yesterday, and am now ready to begin the back. I also worked on my sock, and it is much easier on the longer needle. I’m able to get the proper angles for the ssk and k2t. I’m really glad I decided to do that for another reason, as well. I had grabbed 3.5mm needles to start them by mistake. Since I started at the cuff, it’s not a mistake that warrants frogging, and I can repeat it on the second sock, too.

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