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See this sock? It’s almost finished.
ripped sock

Well, it was almost finished. I ripped it out, because I decided I wanted a longer cuff, and the it was already hard to get over the heel as it was. I decided I’d rather have a pair of socks I really liked and did not have to fight with, even if it meant I’d have them later rather than sooner. Soooooooo, I re-cast on with 64 stitches instead of 56, altered the lace repeat to fit, and I’m making a point of knitting loosely, and I’m going 50 rounds of feather and fan instead of 30. Instead of increasing the gusset, I’ll just work the heel when it’s time, and then decrease the foot down to 56. The cuff will be quite loose on the leg, but at least I can get it on, right?

I guess in some respects, knitting is a lot like furniture shopping. It’s often better to hold out for what you really want that just take the first piece that will do.[tags]sock knitting, frogging[/tags]

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