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Pracitcal Purls Hawaii Condo

Wow, that was a bit of reading, wasn’t it? We need a bit of relaxation, I think! Let’s check out a Hawaii Condo. I want this one: Hale Nani Loa Maka, our Kolea Villa, is a 3BR/3BA penthouse located at the Waikoloa Beach Resort. One of the finest condominiums in all of Hawaii, it sleeps 6 and offers 2,576 square feet of living space. That’s bigger than the house I live in, LOL. We could all go together and enjoy the wonderful beaches. I’ll sleep on the floor and one of you can have my bed! I’ll cover up with the ever-growing and still thrilling-to-me Hocks, so you can all see it in person. But I won’t share, so don’t ask!

Practical Purls Tinctures from Phytosolution

I was looking at a site today I found interesting. Now, it is a site you can buy things from , but I was actually more interested in the information on the site than the products. However, you are not me, and you may indeed be more interested in purchasing Tinctures from Phytosolution than in reading about them. No matter why you visit, while you are there, be sure to check out the about page, and also the page on the Herboristerie, which is the shop in Paris where they get their products. I found it’s history to be quite interesting.

I like that this site is put together with help from little people. Since I have many little people of my own, I can certainly relate to all that wonderful help. She must have used nap time to work, because the site is well designed and easy to navigate. (I admire that, since I’ve been meaning to get around to building a page for patterns on this site for over a month, and still haven’t managed to do so.) The product descriptions are well written, not overly stated and contain adequate warnings about the risks involved.

Practical Purls Drug Rehab

Sometimes, people find themselves in predicaments they never intended to be in, and that they really want to get out of, but need help. I know we all like to think it couldn’t happen to someone we know and love, but sometimes people just make poor choices. I’ve heard it said that there is no shame in getting dirty, but you don’t have to stay that way. Whether it’s a needing to clean a nasty kitchen floor (and trust me, I need to) or something more serious, like needing drug rehab, the first step is to start doing what you need to do to get clean.

Practical Purls Long Distance Moving Companies

I hate moving. I don’t know of anyone who enjoys it. Sure, we all enjoy being in a new, hopefully bigger and nicer, place, but the packing, the loading, the hauling and the unloading are a big pain in the behind. And finding someone to do it for you is a great big pain in the derrière too, usually, and a prohibitively costly one at that. That is, until now. Service Network has announced its quick and easy moving company matching system. They help you find licensed and insured long distance moving companies, and Service Network has also pre–negotiated up to 65% discounts for your move. If you are moving, I can’t think of a single reason NOT to check them out. Unless of course, you hate saving money, and would rather hassle your entire move yourself.

Practical Purls Insurance

Finding the right car insurance can be frustrating at best, and surely, one of the most annoying things with getting car insurance is all the forms you usually have to fill out. You can get North Carolina auto insurance from Insurance Doctor online and skip the hassle. They’ll file all the forms you need and make sure that you’re covered by quality car insurance when you’re out on the road.

Love is a Choice

Warning, serious post ahead. It’s ok, since I haven’t had a really serious one lately, right? Into every life a little rain must fall, so they say. This is true in all areas of out life, I think: our kids, our work, our marriages. It’s just not always peachy and pleasant, and sometime a quick peek at a marriage counseling directory may be the best thing you can do for your future. I’ve said for years that love is a choice, not an emotion. Sure the emotion is nice, but the emotion is not going to keep you committed when things get tough. Choosing to love someone has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with you.

You know, I could go on about this for another 300 words, I think. But I also think the rest of what I have to say on the subject would fit best on Midlife Musings. Perhaps I will continue it there.

This post isn’t autobiographical in nature, nor is it directed at anyone I know. Somethings just need saying, and so I did.

More Shopping?

Ya’ll must think I shop all the time, and in truth, I am an eye candy girl. I love to look at baubles and trinkets. One place I visited this week is a store where you can get cool personalized wedding favors, among other things. When you visit, remember to think outside the box. Christmas and other gift giving occasions are just around the corner, and some of the items here are good for housewarmings and birthdays, as well as just spoiling yourself a little bit. The prices are easy on the pocketbook, too, and often the personalization is free.

I found a few things on this site that I would enjoy having for myself, but, umm, nothing I want as bad as I want that Poison, LOL!


I have been wanting some new perfume. Well, it’s an old perfume, I suppose, LOL. TheClone’s friend had some when she was here year before last, and I’ve been keeping it in the back of my mind, because it smelled so good! All I could remember was that it was in a purple bottle and had a well known label. So, I’ve been checking out purple perfume & cologne bottles on the sly for quite a while now.

I finally visited Eau de Click today, and I searched for Passion. Nope, wrong bottle. I looked at Obsession. Nope, wrong color and wrong bottle. I gave the alphabetical menu on the site quite a workout. It was very easy to check out my guesses, and I didn’t have to back click over and over, since it’s right there in the sidebar on every page.

Finally, I asked Country what the mystery perfume was, and it’s Poison. Christian Dior, not Liz Taylor. I gasped at the price tag, but, man, do I want some of that stuff! Hehe, champagne tastes, that’s me. They have lots of fragrances I enjoy there including the Diamonds and Sapphires I wore as my signature for so long. Hmm, comparing the prices, it may be time to forget the Poison, and go back to the D&S.

Or maybe I’ll just be really really good until Christmas.

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