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Emergency Knitting

My socks have been ditched in favor of DD#1’s sweater. It needs to be finished by tomorrow night. I picked it up last night and finished the body. The sleeves will be 60 rounds each, and I have 12 rounds done on the first one. Posting will be light.

Espresso, anyone?

Ya’ll know I dearly love me some coffee. Anytime I can, I like to sit in my quiet house with a cuppa and my knitting, and just hang out and think while my fingers go about their work without needing much direction from me. So, when I was offered this chance to get paid for reviewing, I knew that was something I could get into.

Now, I don’t own one, but I have looked at several espresso machines. You know how it is, you are in the kitchenware and there they are, and if you love coffee like I do, you just HAVE to stop and look. I actually have room for one now in my kitchen, so….you know, maybe I could get one, and so I have double the draw to look.

This site is easy to navigate, and they have some nice machines. They also have coffee machines, free shipping, and no sales tax unless you live in New Jersey. It’s easy to find whatever you are looking for just using the sidebar menu. I also like the colors of this site, as it relates to the product. You’ll find every color of coffee here, from black to cafe au lait. And finally, you can order by phone, which gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the products. All in all, it’s a very customer friendly site!

Lookit these jeans

I told you I needed some more pants, right? What do you think of these? I found them at Electric Lady Land. This pair is by Faith Connexion, but they also sell Rock & Republic Jeans. I’m thinking that white might not be the right color for me, what with 8 kids and all, and also I would like mine a little looser if possible. I guess I’ll look around on the site a bit more, but I do really like that design on the back pocket!

Arrested by Spidey

My son just came up to me and did something so funny that I made him do it again so I could video it. This is so hilarious! I haven’t written his official bio yet, but this is the one we refer to as Spidey.

The phrases you may not understand are “working all day”, “being a professional blogger”, and “going to Vegas”.

Great Timing

Hey, guess what i am about to put in my mailbox? Remember on Wednesday I posted that I had let my sub to Interweave Knits expire? Well, yesterday, I got an invitation in the mail for a free issue with a subscription. I popped that thing right back in the return envelope, and it’s going back out today.

Now, I am sitting here trying to think of a way to tie that in with golf equipment, which I also posted about on Wednesday, but, umm, I can’t. Unless I just did.

Candle Making Part II

Here’s part two, with even more photos! You’d think I was attending photography school or something, LOL! Well, in truth I am, in a way, but if you read my other blogs you already knew that. On to the candles!

I told you I would tell you about a technique I tried, and you can see it in this first picture. I poured the hot wax into the blue goblets, and swirled it around to coat the glass. The wicks we had were too short to be able to fill the goblets entirely, so I knew the coating would show. Just as I had hoped, when the candles are burned, the wax coating makes a nice soft glow. When I am through burning these, I just swirl the liquid wax to re-coat any spots that have melted.
IMG 0883

And here are all the finished candles. You can see we made quite a few. It was great fun, and we will do this again.
IMG 0884

Candle Making Part I

I told you I was going to make [tag]candles[/tag], and now I am going to tell you how I did it. YOu can click the pictures to make them bigger. Before you that, I need to explain that the weird stuff in the last picture did not come from a Canadian pharmacy. It’s just regular candle making stuff that I found right at AC Moore. I know it looks like it could be any number of things, but that’s what it is, and I’ll explain more about it down below.

IMG 0880 IMG 0881 IMG 0882

The first thing we did was to assemble the supplies. You can see most of the stuff we used in that first picture. In the front is the [tag]paraffin[/tag], and that’s what we used for most of the candles. We also had some beeswax, but we just melted and poured that, because it has an incredibly luscious scent all on it’s own.

So, to melt the wax, you heat it in a double boiler. I bought this pitcher just to use for crafting, and we used it for the soap as well. After the wax is melted, you add the [tag]coloring[/tag] and [tag]scent[/tag]. Take the wax off the heat before you add the scent, otherwise, it’s going to burn off. I have several candles that don’t have much of a smell after learning that the hard way. Even after we got that part figured out, we still found we needed to use a lot more than it said on the package to get the amount of scent we wanted. They also sell liquid scent, and it may be stronger. I’ll try it next time. The materials you see there are the green coloring and the pine scent. All the solid scents are clear, so it is possible to have white candles with scent. But what fun is that? Here at CassKnits it’s all about the color, baby!

I’ll show you some finished candles, and also a neat trick I learned in Part II.[tags]candle making[/tags]


My mom and dad love to go to Myrtle Beach to shop. Occasionally they will take a few of the children with them, and even more rarely I get to accompany them myself! I love that, because I get to get some real deals at teh outlets, and I also get to spend some time with my folks. It’s a good solid hour there, so we have some good car time to catch up with each other, uninterrupted.

Another highlight is Myrtle Beach golf. My dad used to golf quite a bit, and so I still look at the billboards and the courses as we drive. There are some marvelous greens over there. Daddy has taught a couple of the boys the rudiments of golf, and he’s shown me a few things, too. I bet we all look hilarious trying to practice with his clubs. See, he’s 6′ 4″, and I am just 5 feet nothing.

Maybe this fall, I will have him call Coastal Golfaway and set us up with a tee time. It’s already too hot for me to go stand out in the sun. We wouldn’t even have to drive all the way to Myrtle Beach, because they can set us up to golf in Wilmington, too! I’ll just rent the clubs, though, LOL!

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