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Socks update

I am working the gusset on my socks, almost to the heel now. Once I pass the heel, they will fly along at a good clip, and I may need to stick a radar detector in my knitting basket to avoid a ticket for high speed knitting. I’m thinking I may do a lace pattern on the leg, and it may be the feather and fan that I enjoy so much. If I do that, it will slow me down but I will also have a cool pair of socks instead of just a pretty and functional pair of socks. Decisions, decisions. In truth, I am pretty sure, I will end up doing the longer leg with lace, but it depends on how much time I get to knit. Or I guess I should say how much time I make to knit, since that is more accurate. I want them done by month’s end, though week’s end would really make me happy.

Battery? Check!

I ordered an extra battery for the new laptop this morning. It ttok me awhile to track one down, because I kept searching for the number, along with various words. Words like: acer, battery, laptop, sanyo. All of these words are directly related to my battery, but in Google’s eyes, less is more. Just searching on the number brought up tons of hits, and I should have it in a week or so. it’s coming from China. Gotta love the internets.

All that remains is the wireless modem and soon, I will be able to move off this desk, and into the living room, where my comfortable home furniture is. And also my family :) In fact, I may give it a whirl tonight with the extra long ethernet cable. That would totally rock.

Yesterday’s Walmart Trip

So, in spite of me being sick-unto-death, the little people I live with began to circle around making vaguely threatening noises about the lack of handy dandy quick and easy foods that they like. And also, food of a more general sort that might actually take adult know-how to prepare. So off I went.

I bought groceries (more than it seems possible for one family to actually need), and also cups and bowls. We are forever out of cups and bowls, and they had some bright colorful ones in pretty colors, so I bought them. They usually have new ones each year at about this time, and so I stock up. Next spring will find me doing the same, I am sure.

While we were there, after the shopping was done, we popped in Subway for some pizza. Yeah, you read that right. Subway does pizza now, and if you get a chance, you really ought to try it. The fresh veggies on it are awesome, and they make it right there to order, just like their sandwiches. I had mine with bacon, spinach, onions, black olives and tomatoes. Yummy, and not greasy at all, like most pizzas.

I did not look at window blinds yesterday, but I will have to do that next time I am there. We have a small crisis with one of ours, and by small crisis, I mean it is laying on the floor, totally whacked. I think I’ll replace them all with shades. I have one in my room, and I prefer it to curtains, especially since they can be mounted between the glass panes.

Laptop Cases

Someone around here spends entirely too much time online, and it just might be me, but I’m not going to be naming any names here, ok? Hot on the heels of my new laptop purchase, I’ve found a site that does reviews of various laptop cases, including this one on the Samsonite Ballistic Nylon Wheeled Computer Case. That is an awesome bag, big enough to hold clothes for an overnight trip, but it’s way more than I need, but with all the reviews on this site, I am sure to find just what I need. I like that the reviews are very detailed, unlike the little bitty blurbs you get on most sites. QualityLaptopCases is new, and they are adding even more reviews. I’ll most likely be visiting them again when I am ready to make my purchase!

More memory

When I bought this new computer, I had fully intended to add memory to it. It came with 1GB, and everything I’ve read indicates that you need at least 2 for Vista, so I just mentally added the cost of that computer memory upgrade to the final cost of the computer.

Now, I know I haven’t had it long, nor have I explored all that Vista has to offer, but I am not sure I need that extra memory. So, those of you who are using Vista, what do you think? Do I really need it or not? This machine will accept up to 4GB, so let me know.

Can I go away for a bit?

Ya’ll, I must complain! I have a small problem. I can’t talk!! My kids are loving it of course, but it’s a little frustrating to have to relay messages from one kid to the others. That’s the price the girls have to pay when they use the computer, since it’s still on my desk for now. Since they are right beside me, I poke them, growl out the instructions for the other kids, and they have to repeat what I say. It’s getting old, and has only been going for 24 hours. I’m thinking that if I was not actually needed at home, I’d be looking into Tuscany villas as a nice place to hang out while I wait for my voice to rejoin me.

Soap Post Will be Coming

I just want to let you know that there is a post coming on our home-made skinceuticals. And by that I mean soap, LOL! I left the pictures on my old computer, and as you can guess, it’s in rather high demand just now. But I have not forgotten, and I will get to it. I only wish I could let you smell it when you see it!

Color me happy

I took DD#1 off the car insurance the day she left. I knew it would reduce the premiums on my car insurance quote. I expected them to apply the overage to the next payment. But, nope, I actually got a refund. I found it when I checked my bank balance online this morning! I thought that was pretty cool of them.

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