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More buttonhole bags

I did dig into the yarn yesterday, and made one buttonhole bag. I’ll be starting (and maybe finishing) another one today. My pastor’s wife asked about the one I made so long ago, and said she’d like one. I asked what color, but did not commit to making her one. She crochets, so I told her how to go about making one in crochet. I expect I’ll have one for her come Sunday, and I hope it will be a pleasant surprise for her. I just love these bags, because they look so good, and the classic lines mean that they are at home anywhere, from cruises to barn raisings.


A few days ago, we got the electric bill for the month the hot water heater and air conditioner died. It was incredibly painful. The bill was $362, roughly double the usual amount. Trying to cool a house without an air conditioner and pouring hot water on the ground is pricy! Every bit of the money we saved on our car insurance quote got sucked into utilities. I haven’t gotten the water bill yet, but I bet it makes me up-chuck.

Full Knitting Basket

What have we here? This segment of project spectrum is heading to a close, and I have pulled various pink, yellow and green yarns to make some scrap projects. There will be at least one buttonhole bag out of this, and maybe a scarf. Or two button hole bags, or………..yeah, the wool is fine and the possibilities are endless. I am avoiding the urge to cast on another pair of socks for myself with great difficulty. the only thing holding me back is the sure and certain knowledge that I could not finish them within the next 9 days. But oh, the yarns I saw when I was digging to find this stuff, so soft, so pretty, so me. Sigh.

full knitting basket

Finished Object 9 of 2007-Socks from Cascade Fixation

These socks are for me, and I am wearing them even as I type this post. They feel good, ya’ll.

my new socks

These were knit on size 4 addi’s and bound off with size 6s. The cuff is indeed a 3×3 [tag]spiral ribbing[/tag], and I have taken a close-up of that, since a couple of commenters did not know what that was.

3x3 spiral rib

As you can see, the design spirals. I did that by moving the stitching over one place in each successive round. I like the cable-y look of it, and it’s much easier to accomplish than the DNA cable that was all the rage last year. [tags]hand knit socks, finished objects[/tags]


The two older girls are thinking about what they want to do with their room. The my oldest was here, the three of them could never come to an agreement as to how they wanted i to look, so it stayed white and plain. But the two that are left are putting their heads together and coming up with ideas about paint and wallpaper and decorations. We;llbe doing the work ourselves, and I am sure we’ll have lots of fun. No seriously. It will be fun. Quit laughing.

I found a site with some good DIY projects, and it’s really not hard to do. this page even tells you how to paint a ceiling. I’ve thought about some kind of mural in there that goes on up and onto the ceiling. Of course, they may prefer more solid walls and wallpaper borders, instead. The last time I used wallpaper border, it went up easy enough, but it did not stay on the walls. I fought with it forever before I ripped it down in frustration. Here’s my little DIY tip: don’t try to use self-adhesive wallpaper in a bathroom. It’s way too humid in there for that. Use the glue stuff.

I’ll let you know what they decide. When they decide, of course. It seems like every time we start discussing it, we get interrupted by a sibling, or it’s time to go somewhere. I oughta just pile them in the van, and go shopping. We can stop on the way for a bite to eat and hash out the plans then.

Visa Buxx

I’ve been toying lately with the idea of an allowance for the children. Yeah, I know it’s hard to believe that we don’t give out allowances around here, but we don’t. I pay for a few of the chores, and DH just pay for whatever fun stuff we do as a family. I’ve learned about something that may help make up my mind, though.

VisaBuxx is a prepaid card you can give your teen. it gives them incentive to learn how to budget, earn, and spend money responsibily. Parents can re-load the card whenever they want. The site officially launched in july, but you can visit VisaBuxx now and check out the demo or signup.

And if you were watching CBS Evening News with Katie Couric this past Thursday, yes, this is the site she was talking about.

Giggle, rock, giggle rock

Heehee!! After a bit of frustration which ended with a call to tech support, I am sitting in my new office furniture. Well, if you can call my rocking chair office furniture, that is. yes, boys and girls, we are wireless. Ok, we are plugged in to the wall, but not the modem. I could be completely wireless if I chose, and that’s the point. Yeah, I’m tickled!

Dh picked up the wireless router this afternoon, and I got it installed. The call to tech support was to get the default gateway number off the router and onto Bellsouth’s system. The computer said it was connected, the router said it was connected, too, but they just refused to connect to each other. I always forget when we get a new router (because it happens so often??) that it entails a call to get the numbers configured.[tags]wireless internet[/tags]

Lesson Plan Time

Diva and Country (these would be DDs 3 and 2, whom I’ve not introduced yet, but will), are ready for new lesson plans. In spite of all the turbulence of the last few months, they’ve been plugging along, and making progress.

Country is well into her 7th grade math book, which is [tag]pre-algebra[/tag]. She’s doing well in it, and that’s a relief to me. Teaching math is not my strongest talent, but she needs it if she plans on higher education, even at the local community college. or one of our local schools. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not too soon to think about preparing her to do a [tag]concurrent enrollment[/tag] type thing with the community college. In the meantime, I need to get her next batch of lessons ready, and will probably spend some time this weekend working with her on that.

Diva has spent the past year doing a modified year of [tag]Ambleside[/tag], and I think she’s ready to begin year 4, if I work closely with her for the first few weeks. Because these older girls work so well independently, it’s easy not spend the time following up with them that they need, so I will be building discussion times with them back into the schedule.

Speaking of [tag]schedules[/tag], it really is time I dusted off my old one and really looked at it. Believe it or not, I did have one that worked at onetime, and when I followed it, everything got done. I know that’s amazing to think about, given my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants life lately, but it’s true.

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