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A New Trick for PPP

I’ve made no secret that I get paid to blog. One of the companies that I have had great success with is PayPerPost. There was a major rollout this week, and we finally found out what the fangenschwiddle was. We’ve been hearing that something really cool was coming, and it had been referred to with names like that, you see.

PPP DirectWell, I like the fangenschwiddle. I like it a lot. And that button you see to the is what makes the fangenschwiddle work. (There’s also one in my sidebar.) If you read this blog, and you’d like me to talk about you or your product, you can click that button, and ask me to do so. I’ve set the minimum fee at $20. The button makes a form pop up where you put in the details, and then I get to review your offer and accept it, reject it, or negotiate. And if I want to negotiate, you can negotiate right back. We can also ask each other questions to make sure we are perfectly clear on what’s expected.

So what makes PPP Direct (that’s the real name for the fangenschwiddle) better than the other services that offer the ability to hand pick bloggers to do your reviews? Well, a couple of things. PPP Direct is the only one that allows bloggers and advertisers to actually communicate with one another, so that both parties end up satisfied. And then there’s the money. When I charge $20 bucks through PPP Direct, you get charged $22. For that 10%, PPP acts as an escrow service. The funds are not released to me until I’ve satisfied your post requirements. You don’t have to worry that I’ll take your money and not deliver (though I would never do that), and I don’t have to worry that I’ll do the work and you won’t pay (though you would never do that). As a comparison, for me to get $20 with ReviewMe, it would cost an advertiser $40, and at Sponsored Reviews, it would be $30.77. Why would you pay more for the same review?

And what makes it better from the bloggers perspective? $20 is $20, right? Well, with PPP Direct, once you approve the post, I get paid. Immediately. No waiting, like with the competition. That makes me on happy blogger!

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