sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Giggle, rock, giggle rock

Heehee!! After a bit of frustration which ended with a call to tech support, I am sitting in my new office furniture. Well, if you can call my rocking chair office furniture, that is. yes, boys and girls, we are wireless. Ok, we are plugged in to the wall, but not the modem. I could be completely wireless if I chose, and that’s the point. Yeah, I’m tickled!

Dh picked up the wireless router this afternoon, and I got it installed. The call to tech support was to get the default gateway number off the router and onto Bellsouth’s system. The computer said it was connected, the router said it was connected, too, but they just refused to connect to each other. I always forget when we get a new router (because it happens so often??) that it entails a call to get the numbers configured.[tags]wireless internet[/tags]

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