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Candle Making Part I

I told you I was going to make [tag]candles[/tag], and now I am going to tell you how I did it. YOu can click the pictures to make them bigger. Before you that, I need to explain that the weird stuff in the last picture did not come from a Canadian pharmacy. It’s just regular candle making stuff that I found right at AC Moore. I know it looks like it could be any number of things, but that’s what it is, and I’ll explain more about it down below.

IMG 0880 IMG 0881 IMG 0882

The first thing we did was to assemble the supplies. You can see most of the stuff we used in that first picture. In the front is the [tag]paraffin[/tag], and that’s what we used for most of the candles. We also had some beeswax, but we just melted and poured that, because it has an incredibly luscious scent all on it’s own.

So, to melt the wax, you heat it in a double boiler. I bought this pitcher just to use for crafting, and we used it for the soap as well. After the wax is melted, you add the [tag]coloring[/tag] and [tag]scent[/tag]. Take the wax off the heat before you add the scent, otherwise, it’s going to burn off. I have several candles that don’t have much of a smell after learning that the hard way. Even after we got that part figured out, we still found we needed to use a lot more than it said on the package to get the amount of scent we wanted. They also sell liquid scent, and it may be stronger. I’ll try it next time. The materials you see there are the green coloring and the pine scent. All the solid scents are clear, so it is possible to have white candles with scent. But what fun is that? Here at CassKnits it’s all about the color, baby!

I’ll show you some finished candles, and also a neat trick I learned in Part II.[tags]candle making[/tags]

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