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The last 16 hours

I think I must be trapped in some kind of parenting twilight zone. The last 16 hours have just been full of….I don’t even know the words.

It started about 9 o’clock last night. I walked in my bathroom to find Drama eating antihistamines and calcium pills that her older sisters had left out on the counter. Now, they are the only ones who take the meds, so, I tried to have a [tag]rational conversation[/tag] about how we have to keep things like this put up, only to be met with a wall of “[tag]not my fault[/tag]”. Oh, excuse me? If you got the pills off the high shelf of the bathroom cabinet where I put them and left them on the cabinet where Drama could reach them and eat them, including but not limited to, failing to close the child-safe cap then exactly whose fault would it be? This eventually led to a full blown fight, where-in nasty and hurtful things were said which I think all three of us probably regret. And also, I mighta maybe busted a couple of blood vessels in my fingers when I hit the corner of the wall with the back of my hand. Ouch. And the fight led to a [tag]tension headache[/tag] that kept me up way later than I should have been.

And then! This morning, I heard a little tinkling sound, and Spidey (you haven’t been introduced to him yet, but you will be) crept surreptitiously into the house and in to his room. Make that tried to creep. When I asked him what was going on, he reported that the window broke. Umm, how would that be, son? He threw a ball at the house. After multiple warnings over the course of the last several months about not throwing things at the house, because it could break a window, it finally did. I managed not to scream at him, but he’s cleaning the entire room he shares with his brothers as punishment.

AND THEN! I Looked out in the back yard this morning to see some guy at the fence, and Drama headed right to him. I called her and she came back, but the dog was going nuts!!!!!!!!! The guy wanted the dog put up because, get this, they have [tag]inmates[/tag] cleaning up the easement back there. Happy, happy, joy, joy. My dog has “bad juju radar”. We were trying to get him to come to us, and that guy kept coming back to the fence, and every time, Rocky would go nuts. I did end up tying the dog finally, but it was nothing he couldn’t escape from should he feel the need. SO then I had to sit here so I could see the yard, even though I need to be up doing other things. Remember the A/C is out, so I have to keep the door open, which means the kids go in and out at will.

Finally, since I could not do the inside work that needs doing, I went out and attempted to repair the fence. It had come down from the crossbar. While it was down, my kids and the other neighborhood kids decided that it would make a neat jumping toy, it being so bouncy and all. I’ve gotten it back attached to the crossbar with cable ties, but it is at least a foot off the ground in spots, and my husband will have to finish fixing it, because I am not strong enough to unbend it. While I was out there working that [tag]redneck repair[/tag], I went on around the fence re-attaching other loose but not yet down spots.[tags]fence repair, broken window[/tags]

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