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I have been getting more SPAM lately than real email. If you have emailed me, and you think I am ignoring you, chances are your mail got accidentally deleted when I was getting rid of all the Cialis and Viagra, as well as the offers to add extra inches to my pen*s. Umm, do you see that picture over there? Yeah, don’t need any of that stuff.

So, I’m looking at options for cleaning up the inbox, and Mailwasher Pro spam blocker is at the top of the list. Today, they are offering a coupon:Trade in your old anti-spam and save 50%. You’ll have to email them to take advantage of that offer, and the email addy is right on the home page. Regular price is $37. Mailwasher Pro set-up looks quick and easy, and I like the fact that it learns from your choices, so it can keep up with the evil beastly spammers.

There are a lot of testimonials on the site, but I want to hear your opinions, too. If you’ve used this, could you let me know what you think?

He is Risen!

Fit is Relative

In which we learn that KnitPicks Andean Silk, once vomited upon, will not withstand the washing it requires to remove said vomit. And yes, I did try.

Remember this?

It’s the [tag]Baby Surprise Jacket[/tag] I upsized to fit my oldest son.

It now looks like this. Spiffy 12 inch ruler included for scale.

baby surprise jacket, felted

I think I could vomit myself.[tags]felting[/tags]

Southern Fried Carnival April 7, 2007

I went to get the submissions so I could post the carnival today, and there weren’t any. this time it was totally my fault, and I do apologize. When I went to let blogcarnival know the last edition had been posted, I evidently did not click all the way through the screens, so there hasn’t been a way to submit. I am so sorry, and the problem has now been rectified. Please just consider this a false alarm/reminder and submit your post for the Southern Fried Carnival, and will run next Friday. Just click the chicken in the sidebar, ya’ll.

Knitting Back Backwards Video

I have seen still pictures of [tag]knitting back backwards[/tag], and I have read descriptions of how to do it as well. Neither of those things helped me learn how to do it. Figuring that I am not the only visual learner on the internet, I’ve made you a wee movie. Enjoy!

Yes, I’m Knitting

And I just know you want to know what I picked up. Well, it’s Otis, that incredible feminine sweater with the ridiculously masculine name. When we last visited this WIP, I had 3 rows on the back done. I’m pleased to say it’s substantially more than that now.

And, I am getting ready to listen to CastOn and knit some right now.

Knitted Lace Dress-Finished

Oh boy, but I have been looking forward to this post!! This is a Drops Design pattern. It was knit on size 3.25mm Inox needles, the kind with the flexible black cord, not the more rigid clear cord. I used Schoeller Baby Micro to knit it with, in color 05. I honestly cannot remember if I started with 7, 8 or 9 balls, but I have 4 balls left. How’s that for helpful? Yeah, I know.

Lace Dress

Here are close up thumbs of the bodice and skirt. Click to enlarge. I used the macro function, so you’ll practically be able to feel the texture of the yarn.
close up lace dress bodice close up lace dress skirt Lace Dress hanging

End of the line

And so we have reached the end of the whirlwind tour. You may now catch your breath, because we’ll be getting back to the relaxing pace of crewed yacht charters shortly. I sincerely thank you for bearing with today’s “shorties”. And if you are reading this backwards, as most people do read a blog, then you can scratch that, and buckle up for the whirlwind tour ahead :)

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