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A New Friend

I have a new friend. She’s almost as tall as I am, but twice as wide. I got to name her myself, and she’s going to live with me a nice long time, I think. Her name is Cynthia, and she is a brand new front-loader! Yes, we really did replace the old chronically unbalanced old washer!

I got the washer that was recommended by me friend Laura, then Kenmore Elite HE3t. It’s running it’s initial cleaning cycle now, and soon I will be loading it with clothes. All of which will have to be washed in cold. For cause, you know, no hot water and all.

Cynthia came with a nice little warranty, too. I’ll let you know if she lives up to my expectations. She came alone, and is having to sit beside my old and nameless dryer. Maybe I’ll get her a more suitable companion later, but somehow, I doubt it.

ETA: this machine is so quiet. Like silent, no sound machines needed to cover the noise, because there isn’t any. Suh-weet!


I’ve had quite a bit of stuff I wanted to take my mind off of for the past couple of days, as you have read. That means lots of computer time, because frankly, that’s how I handle stress. I deal with the computer so I don’t snap at the people, see. One thing that I use to pass the time is mahjong. It requires just enough thought to keep me occupied, but not so much that I can’t also think about something else. Like my knitting, LOL!

To play, you basically match up tiles, and remove them from the board. The trick is that only certain tiles are available at any given time. The sides must be “free” in order for the tile to be used. It stays fresh, because there are about a bazillion ways to set up the board. Some of the set-ups are quite easy, while others are almost impossible. And some of them look to be one-way, when in fact, they are quite another. I used to have several on this computer, so I could switch between them. I’m down a bit since my crash, and I think it may be time to look for a few more mahjong games. Not that I will be able to play them much today. Now that the flood has been staunched, I have some major cleaning to do.

I have never played this game in person, but only on the computer. I imagine it would be even more fun to play with others, but I bet I would have to pay more attention.


Otis: the back is complete, and I attempted to do a three needle bind-off to join one shoulder to the back last night. In fact, I attempted it no less than three times. Lesson learned: when you use short rows to accomplish your shoulder shaping, you need to work one row across to pick up your wraps before you 3NBO. It’s really difficult, if not impossible, to pick them up while doing the bind off.

Water, water everywhere: it’s the hot water heater. It must be replaced. But it’s disconnected now, so I can do a final mop up, and clean as much as I can with cold water. It’s such a relief to just not feel like I will float away any minute.

Stress Relief

Ya’ll, I have a slight problem here. My kitchen is flooding! The water is just coming up from behind the walls. And, it’s not just a little bit of water, either. It’s a massive amount that has already used all my prefolds and most of my towels, and it just.keeps.coming. And coming, and coming. So, in between frantic sop up sessions, I am sitting here knitting just as like Nero who fiddled while Rome burned. It’s keeping me from tearing out my hair, bursting into tears (that would just add more water) and running screaming naked down the street.

I’m also doing a bit of surfing, and found something too funny not to share. Lookit this:
My Dusty from

It’s an old Motorola cell phone that I gave an extreme makeover with a new game. Thank you Your WirelessSource for a good giggle today. I totally needed it! Now, everybody go make one yourself, then click “give your Dusty a good home” for the code to put him on your blog. Leave me a comment, and I’ll check your Dusty out, too. You have to keep me laughing until the plumber gets here. Tomorrow!

Soaker- Finished Object 5 of 2007

periwinkle grapefruit soaker

I made this up last night for my midwife, who is planning to visit me today. No announcement, folks, it’s just a social call, LOL!

It’s a hybrid between newborn and size 1, based on my Holy Sheep! Everything pattern. It’s made with hand-dyed Periwinkle yarn (color grapefruit) on size 10.5s.

Vote for ME!

Can ya’ll help me out? This blog was nominated for best hobby blog, and I would just love it if you’d click this button, register (it’s quick and easy) and give me a vote. Please??

My site was nominated for Best Hobby Blog!

Southern Style Families

A few of you may know that I keep a genealogical blog. I don’t publicize it, because frankly there’s not much there except a list of names and dates right now. I just threw the notes I had up on it, and it’s there for me and the other genealogists who may be searching on a name. Speaking of looking for a name, my aunt did that the other day. She typed my great-grandfather’s name into a search engine and landed on my blog. Now, I just have Papa (my grandfather) listed as “Oldest Living [tag]Crawford[/tag]”, because I don’t think it’s quite right to be broadcasting people’s names all over the internet without their permission. Same reason I don’t refer to my children by name. Back to the aunt: we exchanged 5 emails before she realized that was my blog. This was after she told me Papa’s name, LOL. And, oh boy, have I digressed!

Back to the [tag]genealogy[/tag]. Once I get myself a little better organized, which will not be tomorrow, but may be this decade, I am going to want to build a family tree. I’ve been looking at Tribal Junction for that. [tag]Tribal Junction[/tag] is unique in that it is possible to link your family tree to other tress once you find a common ancestor. I know that there are many other people tracing this family line, and it would be nice to benefit from some of the work that has already been done, as I share what I have learned, too. You can read the FAQ to find out how that all works. The site seems pretty new, but I am very hopeful that by the time I am ready to get serious, there will be more members there.

Back to the aunt: they have group email at Tribal Junction, too, so I can keep the family up-to-date, and they don’t have to find out what I am doing by accident.

Otis Update

Work continues apace on [tag]Otis[/tag]. I have less than 30 rows to go on the back and expect to finish it tonight. It being the back, not the whole sweater. I knit on it quite a bit yesterday, while I was visiting with a new knitting friend.

I also spent time trying to track down a leak and mopping up puddles while she was here. I sure hope she comes back on a day when I can actually sit and visit. Jenny, if you are reading this, I really enjoyed having you and the kids over, and I am looking forward to seeing you again. The kids have asked about 5 times today if you will be here later.

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