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Otis-Finished Object 6 of 2007

Here is [tag]Otis[/tag]. I needs blocking in a really bad way, but I decided not to wait. Please excuse teh scary woman in the photo. She stayed up way to late working on some silly sweater. Otis took 3 1/2 balls of [tag]Cascade 220[/tag], and I knit it on 7s. The collar is [tag]Trendsetter Dune[/tag] worked on 10s.

The sweater is supposed to close with a ribbon tie in the back, but I think I may just put a few small buttons on it. Ribbons may be a bit too much with the collar. Regardless, it will not be held together with tapestry needles as it is in the pictures.

otis back


I’m as tickled about this as most folks would be over a Disney vacation home. Do you realize how long it’s been since I made anything for myself?

So Very Close

[tag]Otis[/tag] has two sleeves. I am doing the i-cord bind-off and attaching the collar now. Well, not now precisely, but that is the current state of the sweater. I am getting more and more excited. Expect pictures soon!

Just Wanna Knit

I tell you, the [tag]knitting bug[/tag] has infected me again. I guess you could maybe tell from all the knitting related posts, huh? I’m having a real hard time making myself concentrate on other things, because all I want to do is visit with [tag]Otis[/tag]! I did finish the one sleeve and start the second. Here is what it looks like right now.

Otis in progress

I can’t wait to see it with the collar on it!

Otis Update

I am continuing to work on [tag]Otis[/tag]. I have part of the first sleeve cast off now. It’s really flying, especially after spending so long working with fingering weight yarn. I’m really linking it, and I was very pleased when I tried it on to find that the weight loss I have had will not make the sweater unwearable. Since it wraps, I can just pull it in a little more and it will be fine. I worked on it this weekend when I wasn’t cleaning. You’ll note that I did not even take time to get paid to blog this weekend.

I’m already thinking about the next thing I want to finish. It will probably be the poncho for DD#3 or the sweater for DD#1. I’m pretty sure I am going to go ahead and knock off another WIP instead of starting something new. Pretty shocking, I know, that I would finish THREE THINGS without starting a new thing. I’ll have to just chew on that a bit, LOL!

Do Follow D List

Hello, my lovely commenters. And you lurkers, too. Did you know that this blog follows comments? That means that any time you leave a comment here, you get a link back to your site that the search engines will see. WordPress automatically tells the search engine to ignore the links, but I took that off so that the links count. That’s because I love comments!!! I love them so much, I’m willing to pay with a real link to get more. Yay!!!!!

Why am I telling you this now? Well, my friend Jenn knows that I follow, and she added mt to the D List. There’s only one way to get on the list, and that is to turn off the “rel=no follow” in your comments. It’s super easy to do with a handy dandy plugin. If you can’t figure it out, drop me a comment, and I’ll explain. You’ll get and answer AND a link!

Here’s how it works:

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1. Write a short paragraph at the beginning of your post and link back to the blog that put you on the list in the paragraph. This isn’t a suggestion. You need to break up the duplicate content. Someone took the time to add you so the least you can do is give them an extra link back.

2. Copy the list of originals below COMPLETELY and add it to your blog. If you would like a different keyword for your blog then change it when you do your post and it should pass to most blogs with that keyword.

3. Take the adds from the blog that added you and place them in the “Originals” list.

4. Add at least 1 new blog that you KNOW us using the DO FOLLOW plugin to the list in the “My Adds” section. (Add no more than 5!) Let the people you’ve added know, so that they can keep the list going!

5. Leave relevant comments on the blogs listed and get a link back to your site thanks to Do Follow!

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***Quit Copying Here***


Do you think that every book you read is written by the author that’s listed on the cover? I used to. It’s quite a common misconception. But there are many, many people who have an excellent idea for a book or a screenplay, but lack the time or the ability to write it in sale-able form. That’s where a ghostwriter comes in. Ghostwriters tell your story in a way that will get it published. Many celebrities and famous business people use this type of service. The Penn Group has more information on the whole process. They were the first in the ghostwriting business, and have the resources to get your book in the right hands.

If you are a writer, you should know that top ghostwriters can earn upwards of $50,000 per project, and the projects generally take about 6 months. That’s a cool income for doing something you love. Now, I have can finally explain to my children why I press good writing skills in school.

Ultimate Gift Report

You may recall that I told you I was going to read The Ultimate Gift to the children, and go to see the movie. We have not been to see the show yet, but we did finish the book a couple of weeks ago. I have been remiss in not following up, and for that I apologize.

The premise of the book is that Red Stevens leaves a substantial behest to his nephew, Jason. Jason has to earn the gift, though. I don’t want to go into a lot of detail, because I want you to enjoy it for yourself. But you simply must read this book. And you must share it with your family. It will change your whole outlook on life. It’s just that good.


I need to confess that I am totally freaking out about what damage we may have incurred from this water leak. It’s been going on over a month, and we have attributed it to various appliances, as you know. I noticed last night that there is a ridge in the kitchen floor, that I am pretty sure was caused by water. Dh said when he was under the house last night, that the insulation was ballooned out with water to the point that he punched a small hole in to let the water drain out. We’ll have to wait until the walls and floor actually dry to see what is really going on, but I tell ya, it’s scary.

I playfully told a friend that I may need to take out a second mortgage to cover the repairs. Mortgage rates have certainly changed since I got mine. I’m paying a bit over 7% right now, and when I got mine, that was low. Of course, our financial situation is a bit different now. DH has had a pay cut, and I am thinking my income would most likely not be counted, since it’s so varied. We would probably have to get a bad credit mortgage, and I am just not willing to pay those rates.

Of course, I may be borrowing trouble. Perhaps after everything dries, we’ll only be out a couple of sheets of drywall. I’ll see what my insurance will cover on the floor, too. If they refuse, then I’ll have to decide if I can live with the ridge, or pay for it the old fashioned way: Uncle Sam’s yearly return of MY money.

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