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Thoughts on Fun Fur

Have I shared with you the plan for the [tag]poncho[/tag] I am working on? DD#3 wants it trimmed in fun fur. Have I mentioned that I have a real dis-taste for [tag]fun fur[/tag]? I mean, it’s ok in small doses, a little bling on an otherwise plain garment, but, over-all, I think it’s highly over-rated. She however loves the stuff, and happily makes scarf after scarf out of it, for herself and friends. I let her use it whenever she wants to, except for the one ball I am holding back for this poncho. She thinks I am just being generous and easy with my stash. But all the while I am secretly thinking “another successful hair transplant“.

New Hobbies?

Dh is taking the two older boys camping with the boy scouts this weekend, and I am hoping to pawn the youngest one off on my folks. I had told the girls that we would make [tag]soap[/tag] and [tag]candles[/tag] when they went, so last night we went shopping for the supplies to do. We ended up with so much stuff that I really needed Samsonite luggage to haul it home. You know, because it’s so tough, LOL! The supplies are heavy!

They are also spendy! If we have fun with it and want to do it again, we’ll be waiting for a sale. One large candle mold runs 20 bucks!! We elected to just buy votive cups and pour our candles right into them. We got several different kinds of those. We also got several different colorings and scents. Then we went to the soap section, and repeated the process. It was right beside the candle section, so I guess I am not the only one who connects the two in my mind.

So, that’s what I am doing this weekend, and there will definitely be pictures of our adventures!
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Shopping Made Simple

I saw something today that made me totally jealous. Okay, I saw it a few days ago but I am just getting around to blogging it. Now, you know from reading this blog that when I am ready to make a purchase, I like to [tag]comparison shop[/tag]. I want the best product I can afford, and I want the best price on my final selection. I’ve found the perfect shopping companion for me, except for one thing: It doesn’t work here in the USA.

Twenga is available in France, the UK, Spain and Italy right now. It can be used to comparison shop for computers (yep, I’m looking for one), digital cameras, (yep, I want a bigger, better, badder one), even sewing and knitting supplies. They even have hot deals that are updated daily.

Now you can see why I am jealous, right? I totally wish [tag]Twenga[/tag] would expand to serve the US, because this makes it so easy to find the best price on the goods you want. The site is very easy to navigate, with a well-laid out menu, and a search box right at the top. I really recommend that you use the search feature. I didn’t find any yarn at all in the knitting supplies, but when I typed in rowan, I hit the motherlode, with learning kits for crochet and knitting, and lots of yarn, including this lovely [tag]Rowan Tapestry[/tag].

Isn’t that gorgeous? Yeah, I totally need more yarn. Don’t you think so? Just say yes!

It’s the Poncho

That’s what I picked up after Otis was completed. I’ve been working on it now for a couple of days, but not for very long at a time. It’s about a bazillion stitches around, so it seems like one round takes forever. I’m wanting to finish it this week, but I am not sure that’s going to happen. It makes excellent tv knitting, though, since it’s so simple. I guess that’s as good a reason as any to hang about in front of the tube.

I’m afraid, though that this means pretty boring knitting content, though, until it’s done. Since it’s solid, pictures really won’t show the growth. And since it’s a bazillion stitches, there’s not going to be much growth to show, either, LOL! I promise I’ll do something entertaining after this, ok? Maybe some socks! Something quick and fun before I need to take out funeral insurance for my knitting mojo again. I was so excited to find it again for Otis, I’m wanting to hold onto it for a bit.

Wallhogs–Cause I love me some yarn, ya’ll

So, I was thinking. See that header up there? You may recognize it from a picture I posted awhile back of my organized stash. When it was organized, I mean. It’s not a recent picture, iykwim. I was thinking that the header would make an awesome wall hanging over my work area. I could get something like that made at Wallhogs. They make printing BIG very easy.

The [tag]vinyl prints[/tag] are removable for storage, so if I should ever get tired of looking at yarn (as.if.), I can take it down for awhile, until I am ready to see it again. Of course, they can print any photo, so I could get some of the better ones that I have posted on my photo-blog done instead. Or the picture my uncle took of the whole family in January. Wallhogs start at just 24.99 for a piece 2 feet high. That’s an awesome price for custom artwork.

These would make seriously cool [tag]wall decorations[/tag] for a child’s room. If you have photos of your child doing something they really enjoy, [tag][/tag] can take out the background, and leave just your child in the print. Like this:

They also have a cool selection of in-stock hogs if you don’t have a picture that you’d like to use. Now that my boys are older, they’ve decided they don’t necessarily like the *cough* Winne-the-Pooh theme I had going in their room. Their more mature and debonair selves seem to prefer sports stuff, and [tag]Wallhogs[/tag] has those, too. The baseball is HUGE, and just 15.99, so I could actually afford to get several different sports balls for them.[tags]decorating, kid’s rooms[/tags]

Southern Fried – April 20, 2007

Welcome to the April 20, 2007 edition of Southern Fried. I hope you enjoy the carnival because there are some mighty tasty treats.

Boomer blog presents Road Trip: New Orleans posted at The Boomer Blog. If you like travel, get a glass of iced tea, and settle in here.

Viv presents Southern Hospitality posted at Cool Moms Rule. Go here to find out what GRITS really are. I have a key chain on my dresser to remind me.

Don West presents The Big Chicken- Idle Minutes posted at Idle Minutes. It’s all about the history, ya’ll.

Sheila Scarborough presents In Florida, go north to see the South posted at Perceptive Travel Blog. This is a smörgåsbord of delightful little tidbits, served up crispy-tender.

Heather Truett presents Paula Wall, Will You Marry Me? posted at Madame Rubies. She’s having a good time with a fine southern tome.

I’m offering my own Blog Interview, which was posted at Midlife Musings. Learn more than you probably ever wanted to know about your hostess right there, ya’ll.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of southern fried using our carnival submission form.Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page. The next edition will come out on May 4nd.

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My New Dishwasher

I went shopping today. Internet shopping, that is. My dad happened to be at Lowe’s when I made my final selection, so I called him up and he brought this home to me:


If DH thinks he’ll be off work once he gets home, well, umm, no. Not quite. My kids won’t be tempted to ask if there are any Catholic saints for dishwashing, anymore, either, LOL!

Garage Flooring

Remember a few days ago, I mentioned that I might need to replace the floor in the kitchen? And I know you remember that I have spoken about (ok, whined about) how hard it is to keep that white floor clean with 10 people walking on it? Well, I am seriously considering what may seem like a rather drastic solution.

Behold, smooth garage flooring. How cool is that? It ought to be able to handle the traffic, don’t you think? There are several different types of garage flooring on the same site, and I have written asking for samples of this smooth one as well as a textured one. I’m certain that I am not going to replace the linoleum with more linoleum. It takes us roughly a month to wear the top “shine layer” off of that stuff, and then it’s a nightmare to clean. As I have stated more than once.

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