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I’ve had quite a bit of stuff I wanted to take my mind off of for the past couple of days, as you have read. That means lots of computer time, because frankly, that’s how I handle stress. I deal with the computer so I don’t snap at the people, see. One thing that I use to pass the time is mahjong. It requires just enough thought to keep me occupied, but not so much that I can’t also think about something else. Like my knitting, LOL!

To play, you basically match up tiles, and remove them from the board. The trick is that only certain tiles are available at any given time. The sides must be “free” in order for the tile to be used. It stays fresh, because there are about a bazillion ways to set up the board. Some of the set-ups are quite easy, while others are almost impossible. And some of them look to be one-way, when in fact, they are quite another. I used to have several on this computer, so I could switch between them. I’m down a bit since my crash, and I think it may be time to look for a few more mahjong games. Not that I will be able to play them much today. Now that the flood has been staunched, I have some major cleaning to do.

I have never played this game in person, but only on the computer. I imagine it would be even more fun to play with others, but I bet I would have to pay more attention.

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