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Stress Relief

Ya’ll, I have a slight problem here. My kitchen is flooding! The water is just coming up from behind the walls. And, it’s not just a little bit of water, either. It’s a massive amount that has already used all my prefolds and most of my towels, and it just.keeps.coming. And coming, and coming. So, in between frantic sop up sessions, I am sitting here knitting just as like Nero who fiddled while Rome burned. It’s keeping me from tearing out my hair, bursting into tears (that would just add more water) and running screaming naked down the street.

I’m also doing a bit of surfing, and found something too funny not to share. Lookit this:
My Dusty from

It’s an old Motorola cell phone that I gave an extreme makeover with a new game. Thank you Your WirelessSource for a good giggle today. I totally needed it! Now, everybody go make one yourself, then click “give your Dusty a good home” for the code to put him on your blog. Leave me a comment, and I’ll check your Dusty out, too. You have to keep me laughing until the plumber gets here. Tomorrow!

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