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Southern Style Families

A few of you may know that I keep a genealogical blog. I don’t publicize it, because frankly there’s not much there except a list of names and dates right now. I just threw the notes I had up on it, and it’s there for me and the other genealogists who may be searching on a name. Speaking of looking for a name, my aunt did that the other day. She typed my great-grandfather’s name into a search engine and landed on my blog. Now, I just have Papa (my grandfather) listed as “Oldest Living [tag]Crawford[/tag]”, because I don’t think it’s quite right to be broadcasting people’s names all over the internet without their permission. Same reason I don’t refer to my children by name. Back to the aunt: we exchanged 5 emails before she realized that was my blog. This was after she told me Papa’s name, LOL. And, oh boy, have I digressed!

Back to the [tag]genealogy[/tag]. Once I get myself a little better organized, which will not be tomorrow, but may be this decade, I am going to want to build a family tree. I’ve been looking at Tribal Junction for that. [tag]Tribal Junction[/tag] is unique in that it is possible to link your family tree to other tress once you find a common ancestor. I know that there are many other people tracing this family line, and it would be nice to benefit from some of the work that has already been done, as I share what I have learned, too. You can read the FAQ to find out how that all works. The site seems pretty new, but I am very hopeful that by the time I am ready to get serious, there will be more members there.

Back to the aunt: they have group email at Tribal Junction, too, so I can keep the family up-to-date, and they don’t have to find out what I am doing by accident.

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