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What a cruel joke

Well, folks, I have finally figured out part of why my girls and I have such a hard time agreeing on what constitutes “fits” when we are looking at new pants. Sigh. This is so crazy. I always look at the seat and thighs when they try things on, because that’s what I can see, right? Well, in the recent hand-me-down boxes, there was a pair of jeans that I knew would be too small for the girls, but would probably fit me. I set them aside when I went through the clothes and finally got around to trying them on this morning.

Now bear in mind that I have given birth to 8 children and have the (lack of) waist-line to prove it. I put the pants on, and they happen to be a stretchy kind of pant. They were so tight in the seat and thighs that they bordered on uncomfortable, and yet the waist gaped! I was stunned. The pants young girls wear today look painted on not because they have purchased the incorrect size, but because the manufacturers either 1)want them to look like tarts or 2)have greviously misfiled their pattern pieces so that the size 10 waist is sewn to the size 4 seat and thigh.

Since I am sure no company would really want my daughters and your daughters to look like little tramps, we must all write letters to inform them that their filing system is whacked.

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