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Wallhogs–Cause I love me some yarn, ya’ll

So, I was thinking. See that header up there? You may recognize it from a picture I posted awhile back of my organized stash. When it was organized, I mean. It’s not a recent picture, iykwim. I was thinking that the header would make an awesome wall hanging over my work area. I could get something like that made at Wallhogs. They make printing BIG very easy.

The [tag]vinyl prints[/tag] are removable for storage, so if I should ever get tired of looking at yarn (as.if.), I can take it down for awhile, until I am ready to see it again. Of course, they can print any photo, so I could get some of the better ones that I have posted on my photo-blog done instead. Or the picture my uncle took of the whole family in January. Wallhogs start at just 24.99 for a piece 2 feet high. That’s an awesome price for custom artwork.

These would make seriously cool [tag]wall decorations[/tag] for a child’s room. If you have photos of your child doing something they really enjoy, [tag][/tag] can take out the background, and leave just your child in the print. Like this:

They also have a cool selection of in-stock hogs if you don’t have a picture that you’d like to use. Now that my boys are older, they’ve decided they don’t necessarily like the *cough* Winne-the-Pooh theme I had going in their room. Their more mature and debonair selves seem to prefer sports stuff, and [tag]Wallhogs[/tag] has those, too. The baseball is HUGE, and just 15.99, so I could actually afford to get several different sports balls for them.[tags]decorating, kid’s rooms[/tags]

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