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I need to confess that I am totally freaking out about what damage we may have incurred from this water leak. It’s been going on over a month, and we have attributed it to various appliances, as you know. I noticed last night that there is a ridge in the kitchen floor, that I am pretty sure was caused by water. Dh said when he was under the house last night, that the insulation was ballooned out with water to the point that he punched a small hole in to let the water drain out. We’ll have to wait until the walls and floor actually dry to see what is really going on, but I tell ya, it’s scary.

I playfully told a friend that I may need to take out a second mortgage to cover the repairs. Mortgage rates have certainly changed since I got mine. I’m paying a bit over 7% right now, and when I got mine, that was low. Of course, our financial situation is a bit different now. DH has had a pay cut, and I am thinking my income would most likely not be counted, since it’s so varied. We would probably have to get a bad credit mortgage, and I am just not willing to pay those rates.

Of course, I may be borrowing trouble. Perhaps after everything dries, we’ll only be out a couple of sheets of drywall. I’ll see what my insurance will cover on the floor, too. If they refuse, then I’ll have to decide if I can live with the ridge, or pay for it the old fashioned way: Uncle Sam’s yearly return of MY money.

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