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New Hobbies?

Dh is taking the two older boys camping with the boy scouts this weekend, and I am hoping to pawn the youngest one off on my folks. I had told the girls that we would make [tag]soap[/tag] and [tag]candles[/tag] when they went, so last night we went shopping for the supplies to do. We ended up with so much stuff that I really needed Samsonite luggage to haul it home. You know, because it’s so tough, LOL! The supplies are heavy!

They are also spendy! If we have fun with it and want to do it again, we’ll be waiting for a sale. One large candle mold runs 20 bucks!! We elected to just buy votive cups and pour our candles right into them. We got several different kinds of those. We also got several different colorings and scents. Then we went to the soap section, and repeated the process. It was right beside the candle section, so I guess I am not the only one who connects the two in my mind.

So, that’s what I am doing this weekend, and there will definitely be pictures of our adventures!
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