sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

And movies, too

Another thing we’ll be doing this weekend without the fellas is watching chick flicks. So far, I have DVDs of Steel Magnolias and One Last Dance. I’ll have a new one in a couple of days, because we just returned one this morning. I have been a member of Blockbuster for quite a while now, and I like them because they offer 3 movies at a time or all the dvds you want! I get to keep the movies until I am through with them. As crazy as things are here, I may watch one movie this week and five next week. I used to use the local rental place, but I was either turning them back in unseen, or paying late fees. Neither of those options exactly appealed to me, ykwim? We use the three at a time plan, and try to keep out queue lined up in such a way that there’s a movie available for whatever age group is wanting to watch one. At $20 a month, Blockbuster is the cheapest possible entertainment option for us.

I noticed Andrew likes subscription DVDs, too. I wonder how that works in the UK?

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