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A New Friend

I have a new friend. She’s almost as tall as I am, but twice as wide. I got to name her myself, and she’s going to live with me a nice long time, I think. Her name is Cynthia, and she is a brand new front-loader! Yes, we really did replace the old chronically unbalanced old washer!

I got the washer that was recommended by me friend Laura, then Kenmore Elite HE3t. It’s running it’s initial cleaning cycle now, and soon I will be loading it with clothes. All of which will have to be washed in cold. For cause, you know, no hot water and all.

Cynthia came with a nice little warranty, too. I’ll let you know if she lives up to my expectations. She came alone, and is having to sit beside my old and nameless dryer. Maybe I’ll get her a more suitable companion later, but somehow, I doubt it.

ETA: this machine is so quiet. Like silent, no sound machines needed to cover the noise, because there isn’t any. Suh-weet!

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