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You knit what?

I am coming ever closer to ordering the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. I know I am way behind the times, but, well, you know how many things I already have going, right? There are several cute things in there I would like to make, but I think I will stay away from the linen nightie. One of my friends made it out of a cotton/linen blend, and that thing just grew and grew and grew. Before she knew what had happened, she ended up with some sexy plus size lingerie. She is quite slender, so that totally did not work for her. But she also happens to own a yarn shop, so she washed it and ironed it and hung it on a mannequin!

Just in case that first link shocks you, and I do advise you to not click it when your children are around, here’s a nice tame lingerie wiki to even things out.

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