sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Otis Update

I am continuing to work on [tag]Otis[/tag]. I have part of the first sleeve cast off now. It’s really flying, especially after spending so long working with fingering weight yarn. I’m really linking it, and I was very pleased when I tried it on to find that the weight loss I have had will not make the sweater unwearable. Since it wraps, I can just pull it in a little more and it will be fine. I worked on it this weekend when I wasn’t cleaning. You’ll note that I did not even take time to get paid to blog this weekend.

I’m already thinking about the next thing I want to finish. It will probably be the poncho for DD#3 or the sweater for DD#1. I’m pretty sure I am going to go ahead and knock off another WIP instead of starting something new. Pretty shocking, I know, that I would finish THREE THINGS without starting a new thing. I’ll have to just chew on that a bit, LOL!

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