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Otis-Finished Object 6 of 2007

Here is [tag]Otis[/tag]. I needs blocking in a really bad way, but I decided not to wait. Please excuse teh scary woman in the photo. She stayed up way to late working on some silly sweater. Otis took 3 1/2 balls of [tag]Cascade 220[/tag], and I knit it on 7s. The collar is [tag]Trendsetter Dune[/tag] worked on 10s.

The sweater is supposed to close with a ribbon tie in the back, but I think I may just put a few small buttons on it. Ribbons may be a bit too much with the collar. Regardless, it will not be held together with tapestry needles as it is in the pictures.

otis back


I’m as tickled about this as most folks would be over a Disney vacation home. Do you realize how long it’s been since I made anything for myself?

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