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Debt Education

I’ve been asked to review a site today that is designed to educate users about debt and also to offer debt consolidation services. I have to say first that the landing page looks very clean and well organized. The article snippets are interesting, and make me want to learn more. The tag “find your debt solution” at the bottom is the most effective use of the “more” tag that I’ve seen lately.

Since I am actively involved in my annual argument with the IRS, I clicked on the the “solution” for that “snippet”. It took me right to a form where I could enter some info and have the company contact me. That was when I discovered that what I thought was a more tag, was not a more tag at all, LOL! I bypassed that and went back to the front page. This time I clicked the links in the snippet and was dropped to articles on tax issues. This was much more what I was hoping to find! The short definitions were helpful and appropriate, and most led to fuller articles that were also helpful. Each one had the same “find your debt solution” at the bottom.

I quickly checked out the section on student loans and found the same set-up of good definitions and articles, along with the persistent links to debt solutions.

Bottom line: it’s obvious that this website was set up to sell a service. It’s equally obvious that they have taken the time to develop a very informative site that has much value even to those who are not needing professional debt consolidation help. Kudos on a job well done!

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