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Ya’ll know I love to shop. Except for clothes, but I’m even liking that better these days. I was looking at bid4prizes today, and though those of you who like to shop may be interested in it, too. At Bid 4 Prizes, you compete with others to be the lowest unique bidder on items of your choice. Right now, they are auctioning off a Scion XB! You can register and bid on the site, or you can bid via text message using your cellphone.

Oh! And if you win, you don’t have to pay for the merchandise. You only pay shipping and applicable taxes. That’s pretty sweet, huh? A new Scion for shipping and taxes? I can deal with that.

Poncho- Finished Object 7 of 2007

The [tag]poncho[/tag] is indeed finished! It was knit on size 9s from [tag]araucania nature wool[/tag] and one skein of [tag]fun fur[/tag]. (Marcus, now you know what it looks like.)

As you can see, DD#3 is pretty pleased with the results:
finished poncho

I think she could wear it to sing in Branson Missouri. The fun fur just shines, doesn’t it? ROFL!!

Up next: socks for me.
started pink and green socks

I do have enough of the two green yarns left to make another felted bag, I think, so that may happen in the near future as well. There is still the entire month of May for this color section of Project Spectrum.

I knit

I knit and I knit and I knit. I read [tag]blogs[/tag] and knit, I knit and read blogs. Around and around and around I [tag]knit[/tag], knit, knit. I knit with a fixation rivaling someone with a prescription drug addiction‘s search for a complaisant physician. I knit long past teh point where a sane woman would have said “good night”. And finally the ball of [tag]yarn[/tag] gave up. I won. Now the [tag]poncho[/tag] only needs the trim.


I really though I would have some big news on the poncho front by this time today. Apparently either I stayed up way too late watching Steel Magnolias with the girls last night, or I need a power supply repair. And I’m not talking about the computer either. I mean me! Maybe some coffee is in order. Every time I pick up the poncho, the rhythm of the clicking makes me nod. There’s really not that much left on it. I know the girls want to watch another movie tonight, so I best perk up!

Poncho Update

Here is the [tag]poncho[/tag] in progress. It’s about 14 inches long now, and has 426 stitches in the current round (give or take, I mighta missed a couple). I took it off the 24 inch bamboo circular I had been using, and rigged up a 60 inch from my [tag]Boye Needlemaster[/tag] sets. It’s much easier to work on now. DD#3 says she just wants a couple more inches on it, so when I finish this ball of yarn, I will add the fun fur trim. It will do quite nicely for overly-air-conditioned Sunday mornings.

poncho in progress

Aaaaand they’re off!

IMG 0878

DH has taken the older two boys camping with the boy scouts. As soon as I get done with my work for today, the girly fun will commence.

Pants Patrol

It’s warming up here, and I am needing some summer pants. I bought a couple of pairs when I went clothes shopping last month, but those are for going out. I need some stuff for the house. I did get a few pairs of jeans after my unexpected weight loss, but it will soon be too warm for those. I need something like nursing scrubs. I like the cut of those and I need the elastic waist/drawstring so I can get the pants that fit my now shrunken everything-else over my same size eight-baby-hips. Yeah, you try to find that in the regular clothes!

Ideally, I’ll be looking for capris. That length really works for me. If I can’t find any, though, I’ll just pick a lightweight fabric and call it done. I’ve gotten smallerr shirts already, so the pants should finish me up.

Patti’s Yoga Mat Holder

Writing about that nightie last night got me to thinking about some other knitting friends, so I went out and caught up with Patti. One of her latest posts talks about how the dry cleaner felted two of her sweaters. One of them, I had watched her knitting. And that brought to mind another thing she’d knit that I found interesting. Before I had ever intentionally felted anything, Patti made a [tag]felted bag[/tag] to hold yoga mats. It was so cool, and the first thing I saw that made me think [tag]felting[/tag] might be fun after all, yk? I’d always thought, “why would you do such a thing to perfectly good knitting??!!??”

Now I love to felt stuff, and I plan to do a lot of it. As soon as I get some of this other stuff done. I know I want at least one more buttonhole bag, and I also want to do some felted slippers for myself and the girls. And then there are some wicked cute baby shoes, and……yeah, I think you get the point, right?

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