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One down, one to go

I finished the first sleeve of the [tag]lace dress[/tag] late last night. Here is the proof!
lace dress sleeve

Now I need to find some time when I 1)am not beat 2)can concentrate and 3)have good lighting to pick up for the second sleeve.

Knit I did

I said I would knit and knit I did. I still did not finish the sleeve, but I have just 10 rounds to go. DH was gone last night (see previous post with cute kid picture) and so I spent most of the movie time rocking one baby and then the other. That was mighty fine! I’ve missed rocking them, because my rocker was not in a good spot, but with the re-arranging we did, it is back where I really like it to be.

I really need to find a new pad for it, and also for DD’s, but I have been looking forever, and can’t find any in town.

More furniture

I have a happy little girl today.
rocking girl
My cousin sent this home for her, after DH helped him do some moving last night. She sat in it and rocked a couple of times and then said “rock my babies in here”. Boy, that made my heart feel good, to know that she realizes babies are for rocking.

We had to do some re-arranging to accommodate all the other new stuff, and it’s beginning to resemble the Powell furniture showroom around here. But this makes a fine addition to the living room.[tags]rocking chair[/tags]

Three for three

And in an amazing trifecta of achievement, DD#4 has just gone potty. In the toilet. It’s a banner day at chez CassKnits! And there will be knitting content later tonight or in the morning. This evening’s agenda calls for a movie and yarn.[tags]potty training[/tags]

‘Nother Scout Done

Today, DS#1 has completed his Wolf Scout badge requirements by planning, preparing and cooking an outdoor meal. Those are hamburgers on the grill. We’re eating it inside due to chilliness, but we have all the fixing’s, and DS#1’s little fingers have been on all of it!
cooking hamburgers

We’re not getting a boat charter to celebrate, but we are pretty excited![tags]grilling[/tags]

Southern Fried – March 9, 2007

Welcome to the March 9, 2007 edition of southern fried. We have three awesome submissions for this carnival, plus one from me, LOL!

Brent Diggs presents Refund Offered For Unused Turn Signals posted at The Ominous Comma. It’s a witty poke at those who need it, and I really enjoyed this piece.

CyberCelt presents Sitting in Trinity Texas Waiting on a Car Part posted at Texas RV Travel Blog. She tells us of a vacation that drifted far from her original plans. I’m nit sure she meant to make me chuckle, but chuckle I did.

skeet presents Sgt. John Howard Bailey, USMC posted at skeet’s stuff. This is an incredible tribute to one amazing man. I promise, you will be moved.

I’m offering up Stitcher, part one, posted at Cass’s Midlife Musings. It’s the first in a series of fictional vignettes.

That concludes this edition. The next edition will run on March 23rd, and you can submit your post from our carnival home page. The theme will be “iced tea”. Send in your recipe, your conversations over said beverage, whatever you have that pertains to (or mentions in passing) that beverage.

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Please note that on this date DD#2 has successfully completed Basic [tag]Mathematics[/tag] (that’s grade 7 for you non-Abeka math folks) by achieving a score of 83 on the 6 page,71 problem final exam. Balloons, cheers and kudos are welcome, for both of us!

Chair and a half

I have been wanting one of these “chair and a half”s since I first saw them several years ago. I thought they would be so neat to snuggle up with a kid and read in. Well, I finally have one, and it’s a rocker recliner, even! My cousin (yes, he of the dogs) dropped off his old chair, and also a very comfortable couch today. I now have plenty of cushy seats for the kiddos to spread out to do their work! Now all the students can have a sofa/loveseat/chair and a half/desk to themselves, with plenty of room for me to sit beside them and explain things. Gotta love all that North Carolina [tag]furniture[/tag]. In truth, I don’t know if it was made here or not, but the stuff sits just as soft as southern hospitality feels, so I think it must have been.

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