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Didja miss me?

Sorry I was out yesterday. I had a [tag]parent teacher conference[/tag], and it lasted most of the day. I did the re-organizing work I had talked about here. I’ll end up doing 2/3 boys at a time, because I combined years 0 and 1 into one set of book lists. DDs will continue to have separate school, since they do their own readings for the most part and I see no need to change how they are doing it at this time, unless and until they express a desire for same.

So, what I ended up with is 4 readings with the boys per day, plus their math, phonics and copywork. It’s a doable system.

There’s an additional bonus, though. With the book lists done, intensive planning is eliminated. As we finish one book, I’ll just get another one from that subject out of the bin, mark down that we finished the old one, and move on. Simple, and I like that.

While I am here on this subject, it seems as good a time as any to offer a tip. If you look at curriculum very much, you will notice that the material for “grades” 1-3 does not move up much in difficulty from one year to the next. There is a big jump at grade four, and then again at 6-7, depending on the material you are using. This is why I have no problem combining students by grade level. The reason my girls are separate now is because DD#2 made that mental leap required to move to more difficult work, and DD#3 had not. That was to be expected given their different ages (2 year difference), so I made their plans reflect that. I expect DD#3 to be through with her Year 3plus soon, and then I’ll move her on into Year 4. DD#2 is comfortably and firmly ensconced in Year 5.

Ok, I’m needed by a little person, so that’s all the [tag]educational philosophy[/tag] you get today.

I have a headache

I have been looking at computers this morning, and I am only getting more and more frustrated. Well, maybe not frustrated, maybe just confused. I think the smartest thing I can do is sit down with DH tonight and ask him a few questions about this and that thing. Like he says get the Intel instead of the AMD processor. Why is that? Well, I don’t know. And is refurbished ok, if I make sure it has the warranty?

And folks!! Do you know that the three year warranty he wants adds about $300 to the price of the machine? Oh, yes it does. But, then, if I’d had a three year warranty on this system, I’d be having them fix it’s little thermal problem instead of finding myself shopping for a new system, right?

And maybe I need to give up the idea of a laptop. They sure seem to be spendy in comparison to desktops, ykwim?

Do you see why I am confused? Have I confused you, too? Oh, good then. My job here is done.[tags]computer shopping[/tags]


I found something interesting today on the ProFlowers site. They’ve made a Rose Color Meanings Guide.

There’s a lot more to it, but quickly, the colors and associated meaning are:

Now the next time you get roses delivered to you, you’ll know what the sender was really trying to say :)

You know, Mother’s Day is coming up quick, and If I were to be the flower sending type of dughter, I might choose pink, yellow and white for my own mother. Or perhaps these, because they combine pink and yellow in a perfect peach.
ROS12peach50 l


I just talked to DH, and he said get a Dell. That threw me for a loop, because I was expecting him to say HP again. I reckon since he works on the things for a living, I oughta pay attention, eh? Any ideas where to get a good deal? The only place I found them was at Dell itself, but surely that’s not the only place??????

I picked up

I picked up the second sleeve of the [tag]lace dress[/tag], and got several rounds in to it last night. That is all.

I need……..

I am about to do some major shopping, and I am asking for opinions. I am not planning on taking out any loans, so price will play a factor in my decisions. I’ll not be using credit cards either– I am all about the cash purchasing right now. You know my debt advice is “don’t have any”. I’d rather have my current accounts in the black than a whole house full of new toys. Finally, I’d rather have high quality goods, even if that means I can’t get all the items on the list I am about to share with you.

I need a [tag]computer[/tag]. This one is thermalling out more and more frequently, and since I rely on my computer to generate income, then it must be replaced: consider it home insurance. But getting a new computer before this one dies, I get to keep my home, and won’t need the services of a mortgage broker to do it, LOL! I am thinking laptop, and this one will be used by DH/kids until it croaks/he fixes it, whichever comes first.

I need a [tag]dishwasher[/tag]. The one that we have was not in great shape when we moved in 4-ish years ago, and with this size family we run it at least 2 and usually 3 times a day. I am looking for LARGE and DURABLE.

I want a [tag]freezer[/tag]-I discovered today that my old chest freezer is definitely leaking, and that wet spot I found a couple weeks ago was not a one time event. This is probably the least important item on the list, since I do also have an upright, but if I can find a real sweet deal, I do like having two freezers. Regardless, the old one will be out of here this weekend, before it rots out my floor.

I want a [tag]washer[/tag]. I want a huge one. I want it energy and water efficient. My current one is still running, but it’s chronically out of balance and that makes it so noisy that I cannot run it at night or during quiet time. It’s a super capacity top-loader, but I want even bigger if possible. If I can’t get bigger at a reasonable price, then I may skip this item.

I want a [tag]dryer[/tag]. I want one that will stack on the new washer to save me some space. I’ve even gone so far as to look at the new combo washer/dryer. (Quick aside–I had a dream about such a machine over a decade ago. Man, if I had just followed through on that, I’d be a millionaire about now).

So, I think that about finishes up my shopping list, and PLEASE, tell me your good, bad and ugly. I’m begging for advice.

Keeping Track

I had a thought this morning that I want to get down before I forget. I am using [tag]Ambleside Online[/tag] for the kiddos, but with my current student load, I am having a devilish time keeping up with where everyone is, where they have been and where they are headed. I really like the program, I really like the materials, I really like the [tag]Charlotte Mason[/tag] method. I don’t like being addlepated all the time. So, I am considering just listing the books each child is supposed to read for the year, and tackling them a few at a time, adding a new one in as we finish an old one. That way they will still be getting a variety of subjects each day, but I will only be keeping up with 3/4/5 books per student instead of 10/12/15. bearing in mind I have FOUR students……..I am sure you can see why I might be getting a bit befuzzled.

In other education news, I read a scene from Shakespeare’s [tag]Midsummer Night’s Dream[/tag] with DD#2 today and we both enjoyed it. Yay us, and we rock!

A Modest Proposal

I was asked to tell the story of how DH proposed to me. I’ve talked before about how we shopped for engagement rings, but I don’t think I have ever told ya’ll what happened after that. We were living in Colorado Springs at the time, and my wise friend told me: “you are only going to get engaged one time, so make sure it’s like you want to remember it”. See, I’m a low-maintenance gal, and we had not planned to do anything special to mark the occasion. I’m glad I listened to her, because it is a fun memory for me now, and one I treasure.

There is a little dinner theatre in Manitou Springs, which I forget the name of now, but it’s a quaint little place, with a beamed ceiling in the dining room, and the waiters and waitresses are also the players in the performance. That’s where I asked DH to take me, because I’d always wanted to go to one. I don’t even remember what the play was, except that it was funny.

But here’s what I do remember: I expected DH to just pull the ring out of his pocket, and give it to me. (I told you I was low-maintenance, right?) Dinner dragged on, and there was no ring. Finally after we’d been brought dessert, the waiter came with a bouquet of roses. I thought to myself “well, that’s nice, where is the ring?” I stuck my nose in that bouquet, as all women do, and there nestled in the flowers was my engagement ring. DH had come up with that little touch all on his own, you see.

So why is this story over here, instead of on the blog where I usually share memories? Couple of reasons, but one of them is this: Remembering the story also reminded me that I need to be teaching my children about relationships, as well as reading, writing and arithmetic. I don’t often talk about what goes on with DH and I, or rather what went on before we had so many children, when it was just the two of us. They need to know that we were a couple, and that it was the special moments we created together as a couple that help us hang on when the going gets tough. They need to know that we loved each other before we loved them. They also need to know that when I dance in the kitchen with my husband, I’m not even able to hear them snickering in the background, because my ears are tuned to sounds from the past.

Diamonds USA has some awesome deals on diamond jewelry. They also have a cool online ring designer. Just remember to follow the advice of my friend: make sure the memory shines as brightly as the ring.

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