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That’s done

I’m glad to say that we’re done with the bedrooms. I went in and helped the boys finish just after I posted last. So, it’s time to poke up my head and do some other things. Things like

  1. pay my insurance bill online before I need to call around for a car insurance quote
  2. finish the lace dress because no, I didn’t finish so I am not going out to her place today
  3. put some [tag]knitting blogs[/tag] in the sidebar like I said I was going to
  4. put my own blogs in the sidebar-d’uh!!
  5. think about maybe going out to [tag]WalMart[/tag] (again)
  6. just hang out and enjoy my family

Buying Time

Ya’ll I am so tired. The [tag]kids’ rooms[/tag] are on the hairy edge of done, and I have less than half a load of regular laundry to do and we can call this project done. Well, if you don’t count the hand-me-downs that my cousin brought me that currently reside on one of our couches. The ones I haven’t even touched yet. I’ll help the boys get the rest of their clothes put away later this afternoon/evening, and then…….maybe I’ll have time to do something besides laundry, laundry and lest we forget, more [tag]laundry[/tag]. And also [tag]cleaning[/tag].

If I thought it was possible, I’d be willing to take out three cash advance loans to pay for extra time to knit, extra time to nap and extra time to just to think a thought through to completion. I don’t think even [tag]National Payday[/tag] can help me with that, though.

This post will remind me (once the rooms are done) that if I will spend 10 minutes a day helping the kids pick up their rooms, we (I) will never have to deal with a week like this one again. Then I can spend more time being a fun parent and less time being a nag. And perhaps also knitting.

Southern Fried – March 23, 2007

Welcome to the March 23, 2007 edition of Southern Fried. We have a smallish carnival today, I’m disappointed to say. The submissions we do have a great, though, and I am sure you will enjoy them!

Ivy presents Isn’t that the sweetest thing? posted at Home Ec 101.

Skeet presents Growing Hope posted at Skeet’s Stuff.

Suni presents I think I want some corn Fritters posted at Bucket O’ Bulletz.

And I’m offering up my Sweet Tea Recipe from Midlife Musings.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Southern Fried from the Southern Fried Carnival home page. The next carnival will run on April 6th. I’m not assigning a topic for the next run, so have fun with it!

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I did!

I did knit! I knit 10 rounds on the way to see Grandmother. 65 to go. Sigh. I will catch up eventually. Really.

I have added a few parenting blogs over in the sidebar. I should add the rest of the knitting blogs I read, too. In truth, I am behind on my blog reading. I’ve been busy, cleaning, as I said, but it also makes me kinda jealous right now to read about folks knitting! How sad and lame is that? I should adjust my attitude and just knit vicariously through them. There, that’s better! I’ll go read them and get more ideas for more projects! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Okay, really, I’ll get some more of them up.

Alpaca Anyone?

I found something today you guys might like. Can you say alpaca? I found suri dream on sale at! And they have free shipping if you order $50 or more. Now, if you know me, you know I love me some luxurious fiber, but I always tell myself it’s too pricey. I think at this rate, I can safely say it’s affordable, don’t you? I can afford more than just enough for a scarf! The store has lots of other [tag]alpaca yarns[/tag], too.

Oh. my. word. Cascade Fixation at $3.99. Please somebody pinch me, because I need to know if this is a dream or a nightmare! I guess that will depend on whether you ask me or dh, LOL! And also, maybe on how fast I finish the projects I already have going. I just said I’ve been neglecting my knitting, but it’s definitely time for that to stop! I’ll have to do some serious poking around on the site, but don’t be surprised if you see me adding to the stash page in the next couple of weeks.

Here’s the press release:

Brentwood, CA (PRWeb) March 14, 2007 — Alpaca Direct (, an online provider of Alpaca apparel and knitting yarns, today announced strong demand for luxury knitting yarns like Alpaca, Silk and Pima Cotton. The online retailer has seen a strong upward adoption of higher quality natural fiber yarns as more knitters take on challenging heirloom projects while participating in this rapidly growing national pastime.

Quality alpaca yarn is lightweight, soft as cashmere and warmer than wool. American knitters are beginning to discover the many unique benefits of Alpaca Yarn. This natural hollow-core fiber is lightweight and thermal regulating, making it a perfect fit for creating versatile sweaters, ponchos and socks that can be worn throughout the year. “The response has been phenomenal! When our clients discover alpaca, they become lifelong customers!” says Kelley Hobart one of the founders of the Silicon Valley dot com venture. Alpaca apparel and yarn has been somewhat of a secret among Alpaca owners since most retailers have not offered natural fiber alpaca products due to its exclusiveness and limited availability.

In addition, most of the Alpaca products available have not been designed for the North American fashion market. “We teamed up with American designers to introduce the public to fresh colors and styles combined with the incredible natural benefits of alpaca. Combining incredibly high quality products with easy online shopping and fast shipping has been a winning combination. Our goal is to educate the consumer market about alpaca apparel and yarn. Most people do not realize this natural fiber is soft as cashmere but much warmer and 5 times stronger than wool.” Alpaca Direct is addressing the market by making the entire line of Alpaca apparel available online, in popular American styles through a highly usable retail website. Most retail web sites are very difficult to use and have a high abandon rate. To solve this issue, the software design team at Alpacadirect has focused on usability of the core shopping experience. This focus, combined with old-fashioned customer service like free shipping and quality gift wrap aims to set new service level expectations for online retailers.

“Our goal is to target a specific market niche, usability test the shopping experience and refine our approach based on user feedback.” Specialty apparel retail sites like Victoria Secrets and LL Bean have been leading the growth segments in the elusive e-commerce market by using a similar online strategy. “It is all about the basics… Great products, competitive pricing, excellent customer service all delivered in an effective online shopping experience,” says Mrs. Hobart.

About Alpacas Alpaca are native to the high Andes Mountains of South America. Domesticated for centuries by the Inca of Peru, their precious fleece was worn only by royalty. Alpaca produce over twenty natural shades of a fiber that is soft as cashmere and stronger than wool. This unique hollow core fiber is extremely light yet retains the ability to warm its wearer against even the harshest winter chills. Alpaca are still very rare in the United States with the current US alpaca population at about 50,000. The average female alpaca sells for between $15,000 and $40,000 dollars in the US market.

About Alpaca Direct Alpaca Direct is the latest e-commerce retail venture launched out of Silicon Valley. Located in Brentwood, California, USA the site was extensively tested in a state of the art usability lab and offers a wide range of high quality [tag]Alpaca[/tag] apparel and gifts.
Contact: Bianca Ruehlig 925-308-7655 Alpaca Direct # # #

Now, let’s go shopping, and we can meet for coffee later to discuss the goodies! Cause, umm, ya’ll? I just saw the [tag]rosewood knitting needles[/tag].

Missing my knitting

I am sorely missing my knitting. I’ve not allowed myself to do any since I’ve been on this [tag]cleaning[/tag] push. But! tonight, I am going with my mom to see Grandmother, and I plan to take the lace dress with me. I found out today that my midwife is havning a gathering at her house this weekend, and man, I’d really like to take that dress to her. Can I push? Maybe. I’ll certainly try!

Baby Duds

I have just been looking at baby clothing on [tag]Baby CZ[/tag]. After my buying frenzy this past week, you’d think I’d quit looking, but, umm, that would be no. They have cashmere, ya’ll. For adults! Have you ever felt cashmere? I’ve never owned a cashmere garment, but I have lovingly petted [tag]cashmere[/tag] yarn, and it is exquisite!

The clothing line is owned by Carolina Zapf. She was born in Germany, and has been a clothing designer since her teens. Here’s what she has to say about her company: “I learned that the way a company is run will be reflected in the product. It all trickles down. Baby CZ workplace has an open arms policy for working mothers. We have a warm, accommodating atmosphere that is both conducive to creativity and very supportive of women who opt for having a baby in their life but still want to work.” The philosophy is working well, and yes, you can see that in the pieces.

The clothes here are classically designed pieces that combine form and function in a fun way. The clothes look comfortable, and the classic styling means the pieces will be fashionable year after year, so you can pass them down. The sizing runs from 0-3 months to 12 years (plus adult). And the models! They look like the dolls by another famous Zapf!

Teen Angst

We’re having excitement here at Cass Knits! Not the fun kind either. My oldest daughter seems to really be struggling with some issues lately. [tag]Teens[/tag] are such neat people, but sometimes parenting them takes a lot of finesse. As they get older, and they are branching out into adulthood, it becomes difficult to find the balance between hands-on and hands-off. There’s just a certain amount if internal struggle that comes with them making that break.

I think it may be more difficult for children who “just” leave home. Most kids leave home to do something: get married, go to college, whatever. There’s a definite purpose, an end to one season and a beginning to another. For the others, though, there’s a more difficult transition. Her’s basically consists of being more and more unhappy with the way I run my home and my life. It’s tough on both of us.

She has a lot of baggage, this girl of mine, from her previous experiences when she did not live with me. It wasn’t pleasant for her. She’s not learned [tag]responsibility[/tag], only avoiding repercussions. There’s a difference, you know. Responsibility is internal, and the other is external. She’s not learned [tag]respect[/tag], but only [tag]fear[/tag]. Two and a half years has not been enough to for me to un-do the damage that was done to her.

I wonder if it’s possible to get maternity insurance that lasts until the child is 30?

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