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Agent Cool Blue

Have you seen this Agent Cool Blue? It’s a mouthwash type thing. Well sorta. It’s meant to address plaque. Kids swish it over their teeth awhile and it’s suppose to turn the areas that need some brushing attention blue. I guess it takes the place of those little red pills that teh dentist gave me when I was a kid. Only more fun in a messy sort of way,

Cool Kid Gift

I think my kiddos would enjoy this coin sorter, and I bet yours would too! My littles love to raid the baskets where dh keeps his small change, and this would sure keep them amused for awhile, I think. I have to admit that $50 is more than I’d be likely to spend on such a thing, but it’s still cool.

I knit again

Late last night, the house was quiet, and I picked up the little [tag]lace dress[/tag], and knit on it awhile. I got about halfway down the sleeve! I am really, really wanting to push to get this done this week. I have been working on this dress for 6 months now, and I am about sick of it. It’s beautiful, and I know I will be pleased with it when it is done, but frankly, I am so over it for now. I want to knit other things. I. want. to. knit. other. things. As in something else, and not this dress. And in 54 rounds, plus the crocheted edging, I can do that.

Panic and Anxiety

I have been incredibly [tag]stress[/tag]ed lately, as you have probably figured it out. I haven’t come close to a [tag]panic attack[/tag] yet, but I am taking steps to reduce my stress levels so that this does not occur. I’ve had about 3 or 4 in my entire life, and while all of them were justified, and the effects disappeared in due course, I still remember the physical sensations it produced. I’ve read about the symptoms of heart attacks in women, and that’s exactly what it feels like. An elephant on your chest, not able to breathe and also unable to think clearly. I could not imagine the horror of living with frequent attacks like this as some do. The symptoms of an anxiety attack render you incapable of concentrating on anything but the attack. You can’t even address the cause, because your body is dealing with the attack.

We all know that anxiety can lead to other [tag]health problems [/tag](like grinding you teeth in your sleep-btdt), and while there are anxiety drugs to help, it’s also wise to know the causes of anxiety. When you know what your triggers are, you can take measures to lessen their impact.

Here’s what leads to anxiety issues for me:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by all that I need to do. I counter-act this one by making a list, and focusing on one thing at a time.
  • Lack of sleep. For this one, I’ve taken to [tag]sleeping[/tag] wherever and whenever I can, as long as there is another adult to watch the children.
  • Problems with my kiddos, whether physical, emotional, or social. For what it’s worth, this is the only one that’s actually led to a full-on panic attack. I’ve not found a solution for it, and I guess I never really will. I’m still the mom, after all.

Found ‘Em

I walked over to the school shelves today expecting to have to go on a search and destroy mission after confirming that DS#2’s readers were gone. I was pleasantly delighted to see them both on the shelf. They’d just gotten camouflaged by some larger books. If you know me, ya’ll, you know that shelf is the last place I ever expected to see those [tag]books[/tag], ROFL!

We need a curling iron

DD#3 got our [tag]curling brush[/tag] caught in her [tag]hair[/tag] Sunday morning. It was about 2 inches from the scalp and the hair was looped back over itself and around the bristles in such a way that it took me over an hour to get her loose. I threw the brush in the trash as soon as I got it out of her hair, and that means we need a new [tag]curling iron[/tag].

I was glad to see this ghd reference page, but even more intrigued to find out you can actually curl hair with a ghd. Since DD#1 likes to straighten her hair for the volume it gives, we may just go with one of these instead of a traditional curling iron.

The GHD is the UK’s top brand of [tag]hair straightener[/tag]s, but it has auto-adjusting voltage so you can use it anywhere.

It worked

I told you week before last I spent time streamlining the lesson plans for the boys. Then last week we took off school for the great excavation of 2007. Today, I finally got to use the new system and it worked great! The guys were happy, I was happy, and school was completed except for the son who has lost his reader. We’ll be looking for that later today or tomorrow, but I am sure it’s on his shelf somewhere. Yay me! I love it when a plan comes together.

I cut my finger

As we were finishing up tidying the living room, just before I was planning to spend some quality time with the lace dress, I cut my finger on the wood of the computer hutch. Specifically, I cut the middle finger finger of my right hand. I might have been able to hold on to golf clubs, but knitting on size 4s was out of the question. I’m pleased to say that it is finally not sore, and I do plan to knit tonight.

Oops. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that out loud. Because, who knows what will happen now?? Just sayin’

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