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Shop, Shop, Shop

So, I went to the new [tag]WalMart[/tag] on Wednesday, about 12 hours after it opened. It’s a huge store, and very pleasant to shop in. I dropped a load of money, and now I have to go back, LOL. I did not have the boys with me when I went Wednesday, and between them, they need 5 pairs of shoes. I did find everything I was looking for, except the cucumber-melon candles, so I picked those up at Dollar General last night. Unfortunately, I left them in Mama’s car.

Let me tell you what I’ve done! My chest freezer started leaking, so I emptied it and we moved it on out. I used that space to create a [tag]reading nook[/tag]. I moved the one of the bookcases out of the living room (to create room for the computer hutch), and put a comfy chair there with it. I added a (new) lamp and (new) cd player. It’s quite cool, if I say so myself, and has been in near constant use since Wednesday night when I set it up. Yes, that was the motivation for the WalMart trip, though I laughingly said I was going for TP, which I totally forgot once I got there.

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