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I need……..

I am about to do some major shopping, and I am asking for opinions. I am not planning on taking out any loans, so price will play a factor in my decisions. I’ll not be using credit cards either– I am all about the cash purchasing right now. You know my debt advice is “don’t have any”. I’d rather have my current accounts in the black than a whole house full of new toys. Finally, I’d rather have high quality goods, even if that means I can’t get all the items on the list I am about to share with you.

I need a [tag]computer[/tag]. This one is thermalling out more and more frequently, and since I rely on my computer to generate income, then it must be replaced: consider it home insurance. But getting a new computer before this one dies, I get to keep my home, and won’t need the services of a mortgage broker to do it, LOL! I am thinking laptop, and this one will be used by DH/kids until it croaks/he fixes it, whichever comes first.

I need a [tag]dishwasher[/tag]. The one that we have was not in great shape when we moved in 4-ish years ago, and with this size family we run it at least 2 and usually 3 times a day. I am looking for LARGE and DURABLE.

I want a [tag]freezer[/tag]-I discovered today that my old chest freezer is definitely leaking, and that wet spot I found a couple weeks ago was not a one time event. This is probably the least important item on the list, since I do also have an upright, but if I can find a real sweet deal, I do like having two freezers. Regardless, the old one will be out of here this weekend, before it rots out my floor.

I want a [tag]washer[/tag]. I want a huge one. I want it energy and water efficient. My current one is still running, but it’s chronically out of balance and that makes it so noisy that I cannot run it at night or during quiet time. It’s a super capacity top-loader, but I want even bigger if possible. If I can’t get bigger at a reasonable price, then I may skip this item.

I want a [tag]dryer[/tag]. I want one that will stack on the new washer to save me some space. I’ve even gone so far as to look at the new combo washer/dryer. (Quick aside–I had a dream about such a machine over a decade ago. Man, if I had just followed through on that, I’d be a millionaire about now).

So, I think that about finishes up my shopping list, and PLEASE, tell me your good, bad and ugly. I’m begging for advice.

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