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I have a headache

I have been looking at computers this morning, and I am only getting more and more frustrated. Well, maybe not frustrated, maybe just confused. I think the smartest thing I can do is sit down with DH tonight and ask him a few questions about this and that thing. Like he says get the Intel instead of the AMD processor. Why is that? Well, I don’t know. And is refurbished ok, if I make sure it has the warranty?

And folks!! Do you know that the three year warranty he wants adds about $300 to the price of the machine? Oh, yes it does. But, then, if I’d had a three year warranty on this system, I’d be having them fix it’s little thermal problem instead of finding myself shopping for a new system, right?

And maybe I need to give up the idea of a laptop. They sure seem to be spendy in comparison to desktops, ykwim?

Do you see why I am confused? Have I confused you, too? Oh, good then. My job here is done.[tags]computer shopping[/tags]

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