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Knitting Update

Here is the [tag]lace[/tag] dress with the second sleeve started. I am about a quarter of the way through with it! After that, I’ll need to do that crocheted trim on the bodice and sew the 4 seams, and it will be done. Soon, I hope. I’m excited to finally see the end in sight, and am ready to finish some other things as well.

IMG 0705

I’ve totally missed this segment of [tag]Project Spectrum[/tag], and I am looking forward to participating in the next part with this dress behind me. The next segment is for April / May and the colors are Green, Yellow, and Pink. That would include

  • my ballet wrap (Otis) (already started)
  • the pinwheel sweaters for DD#4 and DD#5 (not started, but have the yarn)
  • finishing the sweater for DD#1
  • several of my [tag]self striping yarns[/tag] (maybe socks, maybe not)
  • lace shawl
  • the yoke for DS#1’s sweater.
  • poncho for DD#3

I won’t finish nearly all that, but I wanted to get the possibilities down in writing.

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