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Teen Angst

We’re having excitement here at Cass Knits! Not the fun kind either. My oldest daughter seems to really be struggling with some issues lately. [tag]Teens[/tag] are such neat people, but sometimes parenting them takes a lot of finesse. As they get older, and they are branching out into adulthood, it becomes difficult to find the balance between hands-on and hands-off. There’s just a certain amount if internal struggle that comes with them making that break.

I think it may be more difficult for children who “just” leave home. Most kids leave home to do something: get married, go to college, whatever. There’s a definite purpose, an end to one season and a beginning to another. For the others, though, there’s a more difficult transition. Her’s basically consists of being more and more unhappy with the way I run my home and my life. It’s tough on both of us.

She has a lot of baggage, this girl of mine, from her previous experiences when she did not live with me. It wasn’t pleasant for her. She’s not learned [tag]responsibility[/tag], only avoiding repercussions. There’s a difference, you know. Responsibility is internal, and the other is external. She’s not learned [tag]respect[/tag], but only [tag]fear[/tag]. Two and a half years has not been enough to for me to un-do the damage that was done to her.

I wonder if it’s possible to get maternity insurance that lasts until the child is 30?

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