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Here at the Academy, we do not rely have not relied very much on [tag]quizzes[/tag]. I prefer to discuss our readings with my children, but I find as there are increasingly more of them, and still the same one of me, that I am not able to discuss everything in the detail I would like. I’ve been thinking about how to handle that, particularly as the older ones are moving into study areas that require a lot more “chewing on”.

I’m thinking that I might use Quiz School to help relieve some of that time pressure. Here’s the demo vid:

As you can see, if I did this for just a couple of the books for each younger child, then the quizzes would be there and ready for the even younger ones coming up. I don’t think that this would cover a book totally, of course, for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is that I enjoy hearing what my kids think about what they are reading, and that sharing that aloud gives them needed practice in organizing their thoughts on the fly. OTOH, they all enjoy using the computer, and I think they would enjoy something like this.

There are already some quizzes on the site, and these are the K-12 quizzes. Not all the quizzes for this age range are in that section though, so I do think the site as a whole could be better organized. Since the site is searchable in many different ways, that’s more an petty compliant that a real aggravation.

If I could ask them to add one thing, it would be essay questions. I know the computer can’t grade them, and I’d still have to look, but…… quiz is complete without a “tell me what you think about xyz”. At least not in this house, LOL!

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