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Didja miss me?

Sorry I was out yesterday. I had a [tag]parent teacher conference[/tag], and it lasted most of the day. I did the re-organizing work I had talked about here. I’ll end up doing 2/3 boys at a time, because I combined years 0 and 1 into one set of book lists. DDs will continue to have separate school, since they do their own readings for the most part and I see no need to change how they are doing it at this time, unless and until they express a desire for same.

So, what I ended up with is 4 readings with the boys per day, plus their math, phonics and copywork. It’s a doable system.

There’s an additional bonus, though. With the book lists done, intensive planning is eliminated. As we finish one book, I’ll just get another one from that subject out of the bin, mark down that we finished the old one, and move on. Simple, and I like that.

While I am here on this subject, it seems as good a time as any to offer a tip. If you look at curriculum very much, you will notice that the material for “grades” 1-3 does not move up much in difficulty from one year to the next. There is a big jump at grade four, and then again at 6-7, depending on the material you are using. This is why I have no problem combining students by grade level. The reason my girls are separate now is because DD#2 made that mental leap required to move to more difficult work, and DD#3 had not. That was to be expected given their different ages (2 year difference), so I made their plans reflect that. I expect DD#3 to be through with her Year 3plus soon, and then I’ll move her on into Year 4. DD#2 is comfortably and firmly ensconced in Year 5.

Ok, I’m needed by a little person, so that’s all the [tag]educational philosophy[/tag] you get today.

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