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Online College?

I really think it’s time for DD#1 to find some focus. I hate the idea that she’s not working and not in school. She hates the idea of being on someone else’s schedule, and right now the logistics of having her one place and dh somewhere else during the same time frame are more than we can handle. I found out recently, though, that online universities can now take federal financial aid. She’s been into Media Arts for quite awhile, and Collins College offers those degrees through their virtual campus.

I don’t know how she’ll feel about that, but I think it long past time to suggest most strongly that she find a way to channel some of her energy in a way that will provide her with long term benefits.

Why I hate reading the news

Here is a small sampling of sad and sick news stories I have read over the past few months. I’m also posting the comments that went with these posts, so feel free to join in the conversation.

Jan 16
Here’s the story. Here are the questions I have.

  • Exactly what kind of maximum security facility did they put this child in?
  • Is it indeed possible that a jury of adults convicted him of this crime?
  • What must he have said or done that would make them forget he was a child?
  • What kind of adult can he possibly be having spent so much of his young life locked up?
  • He doesn’t really know any other kind of life. What motivation does he have to stay outside?
  • Where were his parents 10 years ago?

Jan 17

Here’s the story.

What kind of stupid idiot thinks it’s suitable punishment to shoot his kid? Because he didn’t want to “whoop” him? You stupid moron.
And this: ” ‘That’s my biggest fear that my kids might be taken away from me,’ Henderson said.” Ummm, d’uh.

You are just felony stupid, and they ought to shoot you. Once a day for the next 30 years.

Feb 5
This story is appalling. It is nigh unto unbelievable except that the whole thing was captured by the video cam in the patrol car. The officers in question ignored the pleas of this miscarrying mother, and then mocked her. There is absolutely no punishment that man can hand out that would be enough. None. The absolute horror of what this woman went through is enough to make a sane person vomit. The fact that it was perpetrated by those sworn to protect and to serve make it most egregiously heinous. The fact that they are still on the job is enough to make one weep.

Feb 9
Some people just don’t deserve to go on breathing, and this is just such a case. Read the story here. If I was this mans judge and jury, I would do to him exactly what he did to this baby. As it is, I can only hope that he *doesn’t* get the death penalty for this, because lethal injection is just too nice, and not sufficient punishment. Unless of course, he’s unrepentant, and it’s just not nice to pray for someone to go to hell.

And the update says he’s also been accused of sexual abuse of another child. Nice, really nice.

March 6
This story will rip your heart out. I can’t even rant, because there is no one left to rant against. One can only hope that when he hit eternity he realized *exactly* what he had done. This is just unbelievably sad.

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Recipe Contest

One of the things I used to do back in the day (and I do mean back in the day, as it’s been a decade and several children or so ago) is to go into people’s homes and cook meals, filling their freezers with good food so they could have a home-cooked meal even on days when life was too hectic for cooking. My stock in trade was good recipes that could withstand the freezing and thawing.

I saw this morning that is having a recipe contest, and that’s just the type of recipe for which they are looking. They are accepting submissions until May 15th, and the winners will be announced May 31st. If you have a favorite family recipe, head on over there. What does the winner get? A cool $200 gift certificate, and having their recipe produced by the staff for sale. They are accepting all categories of recipes: soups, appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts.

So what exactly does Magic Kitchen do? They do the same thing I did, only in a much larger and incredibly better organized way. They ship the already frozen food to your home in coolers with dry ice. The packaging is designed to go from the freezer to the table, so clean-up time is also minimized.

Money Talks

Today, I have admitted that I am too behind to catch up alone, and I am paying my gals to help me dig out. I am amazed by their willingness to respond to the offer of cash. Whatever. I’ll take it, LOL! I am looking forward to a tidy house again. It will be worth every penny.

41 rounds to go

Yep, that’s where it stands now. I stole a few minutes this afternoon with the lace dress. Don’t tell anybody. This short post brought to you by the numbers 8 and 5 and the letters U, N and O. As in it’s 8 o’clock and time for UNO with 5 of my children.

Southern Living PSA

No, not the magazine! The true reality of southern living. It’s the end of March, so it’s time to start maing your list of emergency supplies for hurricane season. For us, that includes new flashlights. DH informed me a few nights ago that none of his worked properly anymore. I’ve been buying the cheap ones, but I think it may be time to invest in a couple of good heavy duty models. I’d probably save money in the long run.


Here’s a company I have been signed up with quite awhile, and never mentioned. I should have though, because I can’t be the only one who likes to put my word in about new products. If you are interested in market research, do contact Marie, and tell her Cass sent ya!


Umm, I have little house painters, and I didn’t know it. Seems some certain older children left the paints they got for Christmas out where certain other shorter, younger, smaller children could get them. I now have little multi-colored fingerprints here and there, and over yonder as well. Cause I have nothing to do but scrub paint.

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