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Minor miscalculation

I think I made have made an incredible financial mistake. I told DDs 2 and 3 that I would match whatever money they saved toward Girl Scout [tag]summer camp[/tag]. My mom promptly offered to hold onto their money for them so they would not be tempted to spend it. DD#3 earned 20 bucks this week, and when I gave her the money, she handed it right to Mama for saving. This is gonna cost me a mint!

She wants to go to the cooking camp, and I think she will enjoy it. One of her Christian gifts is service, and she loves to make treats for the neighbors and such.


Here is DD#4. Her [tag]photo shoot[/tag] was today, and this was the last shot I took. I snapped it right after I told her that Grandi was coming today.
IMG 0512

She’s sitting in my glider rocker, one of my favorite pieces of home furniture. I do love a glider for rocking babies. I got this one when she was born. She certainly loves her Grandi! Can you tell?


Lisa has also tagged me to list three things I am [tag]grateful[/tag] for. My friends are sure tricky, aren’t they? A quick search on this blog indicates to me that I have not used the word grateful on CassKnits since October 5, 2006. So, I suppose that the first thing I ought to list is friends who remind me to count my blessings. I am grateful for a warm home and plenty to eat. And I am grateful that I have (eternal) life, and more abundantly, because of Christ.


I just had a thought, and I didn’t like it one bit. I’ve posted several times (on Midlife Musings) about my unexpected [tag]weight loss[/tag] over the past few months. I’ve needed new pants, since the low rider look is less than appealing to me, especially when that look culminates in losing my pants all together. Oops. But here is the disturbing thought I just had. I have 2 sweaters for myself in the WIP pile. Sweaters that I started 15 pounds ago. My store-bought shirts are now too big in the shoulders, but I can tolerate that in off-the-rack clothes. But if I get those sweaters made, and they don’t fit, I am going to be more than a little displeased!


I routinely delete loads of spam comments from this blog. They seem to come in waves, first porn, then poker, then viagra, then more porn, etc. Recently, I noticed a bunch with [tag]tramadol[/tag] as the keyword. I thought it was another ED drug until I looked it up online. It’s actually a narcotic painkiller usually prescribed for moderate to severe pain. I still don’t need to have 5,378 comments about it, but at least now I know what it is!

except for the grits

From DS#1: I skipped breakfast today, except for a bowl of [tag]grits[/tag].

Considering I was around when he made those grits, and he made a FOUR SERVING bowl, that’s quite a statement. Poor thing is starving to death in front of my eyes!

Bragging on DD#3

I have to brag on DD#3. She has gone all out today. She always does her best to make holidays special. Today she made a yellow cake with pink frosting. I told her how to use a square and a round to make a heart and so she did that. She also made valentines for each member of the family. She’s a keeper.

Loretta the Supahstar

I want to tell you about my friend Loretta. She is the first Saturday [tag]Supahstar[/tag]. (Click the pic to find out more about that.) Loretta is a very crafty gal, and like me she suffers from hives. She’s a talented graphic artist (she made that button) and four cool kids call her mom. The youngest just turned six.

Her blog, [tag]Thoughts out of my Head[/tag], will keep you in stitches. Loretta has recently become a day person. She used to keep me company late at night on the boards we hang together at. I suppose I ought to take her lead and keep a normal-person schedule. We’ll see about that.

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