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Home with pictures!

We had a lot of fun at the Blue and Gold today. DS#2 was part of the color guard.
IMG 0525

Both the boys got awards.
IMG 0534 IMG 0530

And that flat cake took first place in the “flattest” category of the [tag]cake contest[/tag]. It was not eaten, since it could not be cut, or broken.
IMG 0538

Dh is now in the kitchen doing up the dishes (from the cake making) for the third time in 14 years! Yes, he double checked with the scout leader to make sure he, and not I, had to do it, ROFL!

Another small town rant

One of the vagaries of living in a [tag]small town[/tag] is that using google to find local stuff is a pain in the rear. First I start with a general term for whatever I am looking for. Then I narrow it down by adding North Carolina to the search term. And then, I have to guess whether to add my town, the next town over that is bigger, or the county. And half the time, I still end up with something in Delaware!

The last thing I did a local search for was our county government, because I needed a phone number. (Another vagary of small town life is that to call my friends and relations I need one phone book, but to conduct any official business, I need a different one. Go figure.) Even having done that search before, it still took me three tries to get it right! And forget finding a local business online. I’m better off using the yellow pages of that friends-and-relations phone book, and just reading the phone numbers until I find one with the correct trunk code.

Cake again

I have to tell you that DH made another [tag]cake[/tag] with the boys this morning. This time he used a mix. We’re taking last night’s disaster to see if it will win the prize for “flattest cake”. Think they have a chance?
IMG 0519
I have to tell ya’ll. When you tap this “cake”, it sounds like you are tapping a board! You can actually just pick the layers up and they won’t break! And, yes, that’s three layers there in his hands.


Tomorrow is the [tag]Blue and Gold[/tag]. I mentioned it, and the [tag]cake[/tag] DH had to help the boys make a few days ago. You may remember I asked Do I have to eat it? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

IMG 0513

He forgot the butter. Then when he remembered just after he put the pans in the oven, he just poured it on top and did not stir it in. Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

IMG 0514

If I were not old and dignified, or if I had one of those exercise mats to cushion my back, I’d be laying in the floor right now, kicking my feet and still saying Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Get out of the house already

Amazing things every day, I tell you! Every day. Do you remember back in the day when [tag]pool[/tag] was a game played with real ceramic balls on a big ol’ table, and you used long sticks called cues to play it? You gathered at the local club and jacked around with your buddies, laughing and having a good time together. It was fun. Together. Well, welcome to our new world. Today we have [tag]online pool games[/tag]. You can now play pool with all your friends alone. Now isn’t that nice? All anti-social and everything. Forgive me for being less than impressed, but at least you don’t have to argue over who’s buying the drinks.

Southern Fried Carnival February 16, 2007

Hi and welcome to this edition of the [tag]Southern Fried Carnival[/tag]!

If you are here looking to read tasty tidbits from our fine southern bloggers, I am sorry to inform you that there aren’t any. That’s right, ZERO submissions, and I am seriously pouting. Now, I don’t know what ya’ll were up to this week, but I am sure curious. How ’bout you write a post about it and submit it for next week’s carnival, ok?


My friend Ang. just showed me a picture of her pool. It’s the top one in the post I linked. If you look on the left side of the pic, you can see her [tag]pool[/tag] is frozen SOLID! I don’t think those guys will be needing [tag]bathing suits[/tag] any time soon, do you? I don’t think even the longest swimdress would be enough to brave that pool just now. The picture just amazes me, because, well, it doesn’t usually freeze like that here. Ever. I almost feel ashamed of myself for whining about how cold I am. Almost, but not quite, LOL!

When they do need swimsuits, I’ll have to recommend these girl’s swimsuits. I know my friend values modesty in a swimsuit, just like I do, and some of these look pretty good.

(Plug for her daughter, who took the snow pictures: The girl is eleven, ya’ll. Eleven and takes pictures like that!)

Must knit soon

I cannot believe I have not [tag]knit[/tag] a stitch since I took the picture of that sleeve. I’ve just been too busy to pick it up again. I was thinking I might knit tonight, but I am half asleep already. I’m drinking a cup of coffee, and I sure hope it helps!

I’m looking at the calendar, and 2 of the 8 weeks for this segment of [tag]Project Spectrum[/tag] have already passed. I’ll count it good if I can finish DH’s socks before the end of March, but I sure can’t see me starting and finishing a sweater!

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