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Audio Conferencing

I saw this today, and thought how cool it would be for groups of internet friends. Free Conference Call Services allows groups to connect via phone at any time and from any place! Here’s the part that really got me excited! The service includes MP3 recordings that you can use for [tag]podcasting[/tag]. Can you imagine getting today’s big knitters all together on the phone at once, maybe taking questions from a call-in audience? I’d love to hear Brenda Dayne, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Ann and Kay, and Laurie all together!

The only cost involved is the individual long distance charges to join the call. I’d be willing to take up donations to get that kind of knitting experience on the line. It would be an incredible resource!

[tag]FreeAudioConferencing[/tag] is great for any group, including non-profits and small businesses as well as special interest groups (like knitters!).

I regret to inform you

that this site is about to get incredibly ugly. Like almost unnavigable. Please forgive me in advance, and trust me when I say that it will so be worth it when I am done, ok? I promise. Really! And also fun. Here’s chocolate. Go knit a sweater and come back in a few hours, okay? Yes, good![tags]site maintenance[/tags]


Every other day, it seems, I get a phone call offering me a free [tag]vacation[/tag]. I always say, “do you have a room that sleeps 10?” They invariably say no, and then I thank them and hang up. When I say I need to sleep 10, that means I need 4 beds, PLUS a sleeper sofa!

I found a site today that proves someone is finally listening. Two Room Real Suites offers just that:multi room suites. This is a site that offers real value to me as a mom of many, and I appreciate the thorough listings there. The hotels are reasonably priced, and that’s important when you [tag]travel[/tag] with this many people.


Reports are that [tag]Britney Spears[/tag] has checked herself into drug rehab. I can only say that if this is what she needs, good on her. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to getting that problem fixed. Good job, Britney! Your kids need a sober mom. But did you really need to shave your head first?

More books

I just wrapped up school for the day, and it’s time to order a few books for the kiddos. We don’t use many workbooks here, in fact our only real textbook is for math, so we go through books like most kids go through PEZ candies. I’d say they read about 30 real books per kid per year, and that’s just assigned school work, not free reading. Obviously, we re-use books from child to child, but still, it’s a lot of book ordering.

I’m tickled that I can use this [tag]Amazon Price Guarantee[/tag] to make sure I get a good deal. I can order when I need stuff, and if the price drops within 30 days, [tag]Amazing Refund[/tag] will send me an email to tell me how to get to get a refund of the difference. That works for me!
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She’s smart AND funny

I just changed an awful diaper on DD#4. While I was doing it, I told her it was heinous. That little chatterbox said, “me, heinous [tag]diaper[/tag]”. She repeated that several times, and when I was done, she said “not gross anymore”. ROFL! That gal is quick, I tell ya!

Oh, this is good!

I saw a website this morning that has to rank up there in the 10 most useful websites I have ever seen. It’s a portal to other sites, and it looks like this:

Each of those icons will take you to the site represented. You can use the menu on the left to choose which categories of icons show. I clicked on Blogs, and all the big ones are there, including PostSecret, Instapundit and Daily Kos. (Don’t be appalled, I do keep up with the other side, ya’ll.)

You can connect to all the state governments through this site, and the News/Info tab is equally impressive. I like the fact that both sides of the media are represented. Yes, I said two sides. While both sides may be telling the truth, they aren’t necessarily telling the whole truth, and you need to visit several to get the facts.

If you ever lose your favorites, this would be the place to start rebuilding the list. But don’t wait until that happens: Go to [tag]Locate It Online[/tag] now, and check it out.

Plans change

I don’t know why I still bother to plan, because my plans always change! Well, yes, I do. It’s because if I have a plan, I at least know which direction to go and without a plan I just wander around aimlessly.

Instead of doing the genealogy, the cleaning and the schedule, I re-applied the patches to my sons’ scout shirts, and the whole family went to the scout event. For some reason, I had thought I would be home with the babies and not get to go. I guess I am just not used to having that van yet, because for the past I can’t even remember how long, one parent has stayed home with part of the kids while the other has gone.

Anyway, after that, we didn’t get home until after 4, DH went to the grocery store,and then it was girls to youth and a nap for me. If Mr. Insomnia shows up tonight, I may hand him the mop!

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