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Girl Scouts

Someone mentioned that I never talk about my girls and their scouting endeavors. I do have a reason :) While the boys have monthly awards ceremonies, the girls have yet to have even one. Additionally the boys are required to have a parent with them because of their age, while the girls are not, and so I have much less idea what actually goes on in their meetings.

I may as well mention that I think the [tag]Boy Scout[/tag] program in general is of a much higher caliber than the [tag]Girl Scout[/tag] program, as far as teaching values, and even skills. I used to be a GS leader back in the day, and even then the program had slipped from it’s early foundations. It’s not getting any better, but I am limited in options.

Zookoda Email

I saw this today, and I think it’s a pretty neat concept. Zookoda Email is a free application that let’s you set up a blog email for your blog posts, and send them right to people’s email inboxes. The newsletter owner sets up the frequency: daily, weekly or monthly. Readers have to subscribe, of course, so you can’t just start flooding folks with stuff they are not interested in. The subscriptions are handled with signup forms that you put on your blog with a little javascript, and [tag]Zookoda[/tag] handles all the subs and unsubs for you, as well as generating reports to help you gauge the effectiveness of your newsletter. That means you add the sign-up form, set your newsletter frequency and not have to mess much with it after that.

The newsletters are generated from your existing RSS/Atom feed. The intent is to build traffic and readership by putting your name in front of people on a regular basis. The hope is that the summaries will intrigue them, and they’ll click through to the site. One thing I’d like to see is the ability to add multiple feeds to one newsletter. This would be a great option for bloggers like me, with several niche blogs, just so people could get a taste of what I have written here, there, and everywhere. Zookoda is a good service just as it is, but I think that addition would make it great.

Registration was simple, and the confirmation email came quickly. If they add the ability to use multiple feeds, I’d use the service as a convenience to my readers.

I knit!

I was watching a movie with DD#1 last night, and wanted something simple to knit, so I picked up her sweater, and knit round and round. According to the miniature grandfather clock, I knit for almost 2 hours. It was great to just sit and knit without having to worry about the pattern. I’m 5 inches or so down from the armhole now. She’s short like me, so the end of the body is in site.

IMG 0559

You will notice that it is neither blue, nor gray, nor white, the colors for [tag]Project Spectrum[/tag]. I wanted something I could just KNIT on, so I grabbed this. DH’s blue socks are on the ribbing, and I haven’t called my SIL yet for her measurements. I did think briefly about starting a gratitude piece, but I wanted to KNIT, not plan.

That’s Snappi!

No, I didn’t mis-spell that! I used to have about 10 [tag]snappi[/tag]’s, and they have disappeared until I can only find one. With two in cloth dipes, and my pricey fitteds slowly biting the dust, I was needing more, so I finally ordered four more! They came today, and I am tickled pink. Purple, yellow and blue, as well, LOL!

Seriously, these things are awesome with the prefolds. I got mine for Soft Cloth Bunz.

Hmm, imagine that!

I have discovered, as I have been re-categorizing posts, that I used to talk about our [tag]homeschooling[/tag] a lot more in the past than I do now. I’d like to start doing that more :) So, what have we done so far this week? Math, reading lessons, the older kids have done history and some science.

Today, I did a new thing: since I need to get the categories fixed asap for work, I had the girls help their brothers with math. They all seemed to like that pretty well. I don’t mean for that to be the norm, but it was surely helpful today!

Insomnia report

I can tell you [tag]insomnia[/tag] sucks, that’s for sure. I’m actually impressed that I have slept for two nights straight. I’m not even taking ionamin for crying out loud! part of the reason you are seeing so little knitting here is that I am so bleary brained, I am scared to work on the lace. I did do a bit night before last while watching a movie. I’m having to keep up with the decreases and the lace pattern, so it’s just not flying like I want it to, but some progress is better than none, so I will take it.

Safe for Surfing

Well, I think it’s safe for ya’ll to come back in now. In case you didn’t notice, I am re-doing the categories for the blog. I’ve got the last month or so done, but anything beyond that is in the “need to cat” cat. Except for the posts that currently have NO category. That’s supposed to be impossible in WordPress, so I’m still wondering exactly how that happened :).

Ah well. Now you know what I am up to. [tags]site maintenance[/tags]


Ya’ll don’t forget the [tag]Southern Fried Carnival[/tag]. It’s coming out Friday. I have three submissions so far, and I want more. I am greedy like that. Let’s rock this thang! Submit here.

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