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Knitting on Hocks

I took hocks with me yesterday when I went to see Grandmother. I got a block and a half into it. Not enough to warrant a picture, but it’s still progress.

This was one of the best visits I’ve had with [tag]Grandmother[/tag] in quite some time. She recognized me, and even said she had “just waked up”.

Bottle Babies

Here are DDs 4 and 5. I didn’t pose them, except to tell #4 to sit back down and put her bottle back in her mouth when she saw the camera.

IMG 0591 IMG 0592 IMG 0593
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Book Order

I finally placed the book order at I spoke of the other night. In addition to the Hakim I mentioned, I also ordered [tag]The Ultimate Gift[/tag]. I’m not quite sure how I missed this book when it came out, but I plan to use it as a read-aloud for the children for school. What brought it to my attention was finding out about the movie that has been made based on it, and the good things that have come from it. I’m planning on taking the oldest three girls to see it, but I want us all to enjoy the book first (as we typically do).

Starring Abigail Breslin of “Little Miss Sunshine”, “The Ultimate Gift” premieres March 9th, the first day of the [tag]Weekend of Giving[/tag]. Already the pre-screenings have had astounding impact on some of the viewers. Teens are getting involved in [tag]Show of Hands[/tag], and millions of dollars have been raised for local charities. I saw a preview and trailers on YouTube, and this is the official site of the movie “The Ultimate Gift” and the grass-roots movement it’s starting to help charities and give to others.

The children see me knitting for various charitable groups and doing other types of things in the community. I am hopeful that reading the book and seeing the movie will help them understand how important it is to give of ourselves to others, and encourage them to find ways to do so. I want them to know that it is the giver who really receives when we do that.


Decorating My Way

I just wanted to show ya’ll some home decor. It’s CassKnits! style, though :) In addition to the large baskets under my desk, this is where I keep some of the [tag]yarn[/tag] for (mostly) upcoming projects. I keep the sock yarn up there because the balls are small, and I can enjoy so many different colorways in such a small space. I do keep the glass doors closed when I’m not taking a picture :)

IMG 0563

Southern Fried – February 23, 2007

Hey ya’ll! It’s Fry-day! Welcome to the February 23, 2007 edition of Southern Fried.

kat shares My Single Mom Life: Archives posted at My Single Mom Life. It’s great piece about neighborly neighbors.

Julie Heath – More4kids Inc. presents Tips For Taking Family Photos posted at More4kids.

Bill Losapio presents So What’s the Nature Conservancy Doing In YOUR County? posted at Bill Losapio, saying, “I thought this might be a good one for your “rants” category. I’m from the east coast of Florida. Our clerk of courts, a bonefied hillbilly, had some interesting things to share about corruption in county government that could be a warning to all folks who value their property (a trait many southerners still have, thankfully). I’m a new england transplant to central florida, by the way, who looks at the Confederate loss in the Civil War as a great tragedy, and the subsequent pillaging of the South by the Whig/Republican North as a horror yet to be rectified. I understand if you feel this article is not appropriate for your blog, but I thought I’d submit and let you decide. Best of luck in all your endeavors. Regards, Bill Losapio”

Bill, I not only found it appropriate, but your correct understanding of the War of Northern Aggression has earned you a place of honor in the Hall of Fry.

skeet presents A long, long time ago posted at skeet’s stuff. You must go see the pictures of skeet-past.

CyberCelt presents Celebrate Texas Independence Day posted at Texas RV Travel Blog, inviting you to share Texas Independence Day.

Alli gives us a glimpse of the Walnut Street Bridge at Chattanooga is Home.

Cass (that’s me) shares Papa’s Cuckoo from Cass’s Midlife Musings.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
Southern Fried at the Southern Fried Carnival home page. I look forward to hearin’ from ya!
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Dear Sweetheart

I have been reorganizing my blog over the past couple of days, as you know. Doing so has reminded me of special moments with your children, some precious, and some not so much. I know we made a mutual agreement to gloss over Valentine’s Day, and I can deal with that. I just want to remind you that Mother’s Day is coming, and the last time there was a flowers delivery around here was a couple of days after your youngest child was born. *clears throat* Remember, she was a year old 10 days ago. *cough, cough*

So, I just want to point you gently in the direction of ProFlowers. The photo below is an accurate representation of something I might enjoy receiving.
MBQsimplybeaut06 l

They also have chocolate gifts, which I would enjoy receiving after all the children are in bed. Because I really should not have to share my [tag]Mother’s Day gift[/tag]. No dear, not even with you.


P.S. Proflowers can get your order out the same day you place it.

Driving me to Drink

One of my [tag]children[/tag] has a wee penchant for food and drink. Well, they all do, but DS#3 is particularly famous. If someone is missing some treat they were looking forward to consuming, we always say, “DS#3, did you eat……..” and the answer is always, “yes”. He also has a habit of this:
IMG 0549

The trick is particularly amusing when the car in question lies hidden in a cup of [tag]coffee[/tag]. Since I take my coffee with cream, it is much easier to disguise a car therein.

Teacher’s Prayer

I saw something today that really sums up my [tag]homeschooling[/tag] philosophy, and thought those of you who also homeschool might enjoy it.

Lord, Enable me to teach with WISDOM, for I help to shape the mind. Equip me to teach with TRUTH, for I help to shape the conscience. Encourage me to teach with VISION, for I help to shape the future. Empower me to teach with LOVE, for I help to shape the world.

I found it at the CatholicCompany. The specialize in Catholic resources, including the Catholic Bible, but they also have lots of books and art that even a Baptist can enjoy.

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