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Oh, this is good!

I saw a website this morning that has to rank up there in the 10 most useful websites I have ever seen. It’s a portal to other sites, and it looks like this:

Each of those icons will take you to the site represented. You can use the menu on the left to choose which categories of icons show. I clicked on Blogs, and all the big ones are there, including PostSecret, Instapundit and Daily Kos. (Don’t be appalled, I do keep up with the other side, ya’ll.)

You can connect to all the state governments through this site, and the News/Info tab is equally impressive. I like the fact that both sides of the media are represented. Yes, I said two sides. While both sides may be telling the truth, they aren’t necessarily telling the whole truth, and you need to visit several to get the facts.

If you ever lose your favorites, this would be the place to start rebuilding the list. But don’t wait until that happens: Go to [tag]Locate It Online[/tag] now, and check it out.

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